This profession allows me to live my life more fully

Q: What is the best part of your job?

Definitely meeting new people, getting to know the world, and thus, also getting to know myself. Being an event manager allows me to combine my job with doing what I love. I incorporate my sports and travel passions into realisation for our clients, thanks to which I share with them what I think is the greatest. I share with them a part of myself. I love visiting new places, trying new activities, exploring, learning about the traditions of the places together with clients. This profession allows me to live my life more fully.

Q: What would make your job easier?

My family and the team I work with every day is what helps me the most. Besides them, friends and colleagues from the event industry that I can always count on. Together we can do anything. Full trust helps us to implement the most demanding and crazy projects. I draw energy for action from sport and all kinds of physical activity. Sport helps me to relax, clear and calm my head.


Believe in the power and beauty of your dreams

Q: What was your best idea this year?

A few months ago, I applied to be a participant at an industry meeting that takes place in Australia. I received confirmation of participation, which I am very happy about. It is a new challenge for me, new possibilities and a completely new world of events, which I will get to know in a few months.

Q: What is your most memorable event in your work so far?

We organised an event for over 10,000 people at over 40 different event stands a few years ago. About 660 service people plus security and catering service staff took part in the project. In total, over 800 people. It was a huge event and a logistical challenge. As for an event implemented abroad, we participated in breaking the Guinness records for the number of off-road cars and rafting.

Q: What are you most proud of in business?

I am proud of the stage which I am at now, myself and my company too. We’ve all worked hard in the company over the last few years, and I am grateful to my team for reaching the position of one of the best event agencies in our country together. I am glad that we are constantly developing and raising our competences. And I am proud that, despite all the difficulties that I have encountered along the way, I am still myself and I am guided in life and at work by values that are the foundation for me and give my life the right direction.

… and privately?

Privately, I’m most proud of my wonderful family. We travel together, play sports and enjoy every moment.


Believe in the power and beauty of your dreams.

About POWER Agency, Poland

POWER Agency is a professional organizer of events and trips for companies and institutions based in Warsaw, Poland. Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka is the Managing Director of the agency and the Vice President of the Event Industry Association. She is very active as a member of the Association of Incentive Travel Organizers /SOIT/, Polish Conference and Congress Association /SKKP/ and international organization which conects more than 2000 companies from all over the world site Global /Society for Incentive Travel Excellence/.