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Christmas celebrations are all about family, friends, good fun, happy hours with mulled wine, having fun and letting go of everything that happened in the past year. But those who understand that fun can be even better when balanced with a dose of healthy activities that keep you in shape, understand well that this festive period is not a reason to forget about sports. Especially the runners.

Every year more and more people choose running as their way of relaxing, releasing the stress and taking some time for them selves. Running does get you in better shape, and a good condition is necessary for reaching great successes with ease.


For everyone who simply can’t live without running, not even for a day, the Christmas run will take place on December 24th at 10 am. The 10 kilometres long route will start and finish at Vodácky klub Tatran in Karlova Ves, Bratislava. There will be two categories – for men and women. And the route will include both – the asphalt and the forest paths.

For everyone who would like to participate in the 9th Christmas run in Bratislava the starting numbers will await at SANSPORT store, where also the starting fee will be collected. So stop by the store at Molecova 4/D according to the opening hours, and get your Christmas running number.

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So prepare your running shoes, and don’t forget that Christmas is not just about eating and having fun. It is about love, and the love starts with loving yourself first. Take a few hours and run the probably last 10 kilometres of the year with the other wonderful people, who know why being active is really necessary.

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