Photo credits: www.effie.si

In its 10th volume in Slovenia, Effie will be awarded for communication efficiency and brand success. The aim is to show through the award how important it is to do the right things and to do them properly. Effie aspires to recognize the brands that most successfully invested their communication and other marketing funds and achieved the best result based on the investment.

Effie Slovenia promotes high performance, which can be attained only through curiosity and the desire for new knowledge and experience. Thus, the jubilee edition of Effie Slovenia will provide much attention to sharing knowledge and experience, focusing on understanding a brand’s effectiveness and performance.

Top marketing experts from various fields will hold lectures during three Effie days, equipping participants with new viewpoints and experience about what enables brands to be even more efficient and successful. The biggest emphasis will be on the understanding of trends and data, as well as setting brand strategies based on understanding today’s digital world and connecting brands with target audiences.

The first professional Effie day will be held on March 11, 2020, at Hotel Slon in Ljubljana. It will revolve around knowledge and inspiration. Top experts will share their knowledge and present successful strategies of global brands, give an in-depth insight into online consumer psychology and make sense of the role of the media in today’s disruptive world.

The second Effie day will coincide with the start of the Effie competition – expectedly May 14, 2020. This Effie day will be dedicated to trends and brands. At a lecture and workshop held by experts from the TrendWatching platform, they will present global trends and give directions regarding the consumers’ and customers’ wishes in the future, based on their research.

The third Effie day, in March 2021, will be focused on studies and successful marketing communications campaigns. More selected top lecturers will share their know-how and the highlight of the day will surely be the announcement of Effie® Slovenia 2020 finalists.

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