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We asked the team members of the GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s Department about the most memorable challenge they have faced in their career at the GR and how have they overcome the challenge.

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Ana Bozic GR
Photo credit: Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Sales Manager of Events & Congress Department

Years on team: 12

As a sales manager, I deal with a different kind of challenges that are unrelated to operational work at the GR. As the nature of event business is dynamic and full of last-minute surprises, I am always calm in my work, knowing that behind me is a team that can handle all the challenges that come their way.


Miha Gartner GR
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Events & Congress Manager

Years on team: 13

Two days before the start of the congress, the organizers of the congress received materials for advertising surfaces (printed banners, banners, leaflets, …). When they opened the case with materials, they were not satisfied, as the print and materials were not of satisfactory quality. Time-wise it was impossible for their office team to re-deliver the products before the start of the congress. Hence, we quickly came to their aid and repaired and prepared all the files, printed them in cooperation with our partners, and delivered and assembled the materials before the start of the congress. The client was more than enthusiastic about the quality of the materials as well as about our prompt responsiveness and willingness to help, and the congress was successfully executed.


Mojca Slapnik GR
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Events & Congress Manager

Years on team: 8

At the congress that we hosted at the GR in May 2019, we precisely set the layout and timetable, and kept and coordinated all the details with the client at all times. On the day of the assembly, when the client was supposed to arrive to our location and start assembling their part, we were informed that they had missed the flight. We kept in touch over the phone and assured them everything was under control on our side. The next day we received a call again that they had missed yet another flight. The client was very nervous as they were aware of the short time available before the Congress began. They asked us to help also with their assembly work, which we, of course, fully anticipated and therefore had it already underway. When they finally arrived at the location, they could not believe their eyes – it had never happened to them before to arrive at a location where everything and even more than that would actually be put together. They went around, found not a single flaw or anything missing, and went peacefully to the hotel to gather strength for the start of the Congress.


Anja Mijatovic GR
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Project Manager

Years on team: 4

The client in question for the event, which took place in May 2018, always places great emphasis on the set design. Even at the said event, he entrusted the elaborate set design to his partner, who prepared it before the client’s arrival. When client arrived at the location, they found out that the ordered set design was not in line with their expectations and were very anxious about it as their contractor was at another location and the event was to start in a few hours. With the creative approach and resourcefulness of our assembly team, we were able to fix the matter and even improve it. The client was very impressed and very grateful for the finished product. So much so that now we host their event twice a year.


Klara Rogina GR
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Project Manager

Years on team: 2

In September 2018, we hosted a congress for which teh communication with the client went very smoothly for months before the congress. Thus, before the arrival of the client, we were convinced that there would be no major changes to the layout, as the outlines of the halls were confirmed and finalized already a few weeks before the start of the congress. Prior to their arrival, we also talked with the client about the possibility of installing a carpet in the plenary. After giving it some thought, the client did not decide to do so. However, due to past experience in our work, we assumed that despite their decision they were very likely to change their mind when arriving at the location and still wanted to have a rug on the floor. As in the latter case we would be forced to supply and lay more than 500m2 of carpet overnight we rather trusted our feeling and ordered it in advance and pre-prepared it. And it happened exactly as we had envisioned it beforehand: the client, when checking the hall wanted the rug despite their initial decision. In case we hadn’t forseen this scenario ahead, we would not be able to prepare the carpet on time. But because of our experience we forsaw the possible outcome and, thus, we have further impressed them with our vigilance and flexibility.


Matjaz Mohar GR
Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Project Manager

Years on team: 1

In September 2019, we hosted a multi-day international conference at the GR. On the morning of the first day of the conference, we were notified that Adria Airways flights were not taking off and would neither in the days to come. During this time, the organizer was still expecting the arrival of key note spekaers and a good number of conference participants. With colleagues in the Congress Department and colleagues at, we put our heads together and found a good number of suitable flights from all over Europe, both for speakers and conference attendees. In this situation, we have proven that with our quick responsiveness and instinct for suitable solutions, we always offer to our clients more than they expect from us. Also the client recognized this as despite the this particular disappointing experience with the flight connections in Slovenia, they will return to GR.


Photo credit: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Project Manager

Years on team: 3

The event was held in all 23 halls of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. The organizer had open applications for the gala dinner the day before the event, when the number of entries from 800 people suddenly increased to 1100. The response for the evening plan was above the expectations of the organizer, which provided 800 places for the gala dinner, but extra registrations exceeded the maximum seating capacity of the auditorium. Considering that all the halls were occupied by the fairgrounds, we had to solve the situation inside the already planned gala dinner hall. GR switched the layout from a seated gala dinner to a half-seated and half-standing gala dinner, allowing for 1100 guests. The client received positive responses from the attendess as the dinner exceeded the expectations of the participants on the ground of its relaxed atmosphere.