Posavje Castles Jakob Award Rajhenburg
Photo credit: Boštjan Colarič, www.ljubljanafair.com

For the 10th time in a row, the Alpe-Adria international fair  ̶ which has been for 31 consecutive years organised and hosted by GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre  ̶  presents the International Award for inventiveness in tourism, the Jakob Award. Every year, an international committee selects the best company that contributes a significant part into the mosaic of innovative endeavours in tourist industry in the Alpe-Adriatic region with the emphasis on a sustainable approach. This year, the Jakob Award intended to regional quality and excellence in tourism will be granted for the 10th jubilee time granted at the Alpe-Adria Fair that is this year taking place inside the GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Halls between 29 January and 1 February 2020. The award ceremony is held during the official opening of the Alpe Adria Fair.

Posavje Castles Jakob Award Mokrice Knight Hall
Photo credit: www.ljubljanafair.com

This year the international expert jury selected the best five, already implemented projects among the applications. Out of these five, the jury awarded the best one to recieve the Jakob Award and the title Ambassador for a specific field of inventiveness in tourism. The theme of the 2020 Jakob Award is ‘Innovative Tourist Content and Programs in Castles and Chateaus’. The Jakob Award 2020 and the title Ambassador were awarded to the Posavje Castles.

Posavje Castles Jakob Award Mokrice
Photo credit: www.ljubljanafair.com

»The Posavje Castles,« Jury says in its explanation, »are with their various contents linked into a common project. This connection is exceptional and innovative in the current Slovenian circumstances where we often close ourselves behind the castle walls. The Posavje Castles thus seek  their new identities and develop contact with the local and regiona cultural environment.«

Other finalists were: The Podsreda Castle – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow; The Bled Castle – Where the History Comes to Life; The Trebnik Mansion Between the Past and the Present; and the Expert Tour of the Raka Castle. The jubilee 10th Jakob Award will be presented to The Posavje Castles at the official opening of the fair today, 29 January, at 13 o’clock at the GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Posavje Castles Jakob Award
Photo credit: Tanja Žibert, www.ljubljanafair.com
Posavje Castles Jakob Award
Photo credit: Tomaž Grdin, www.ljubljanafair.com

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