Ljubljana for poverty lovers tour
Photo credit: Gregor Chudoba, Ljubljana Tourism Photo Library

In cooperation with the University of Ljubljana and the University of Klagenfurt, Tourism Ljubljana has prepared a new literary city tour: “Ljubljana for Poetry Lovers”. The tour focuses on the great Slovene poets who have had a significant influence on the history of the development of Slovene language and literature, and have also left their traces in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana for poverty lovers tour booklet

Eleven Slovenian poets (men and women) are included in the tour. Their life and their poems are presented in eleven spots around the city. The guide takes visitors to the main Ljubljana squares (Prešernov, Vodnikov, Mestni, Stari trg, Kongresni trg and Trg Republic Square) and some other locations in the city, where the guide introduces a poet connected to the location. Their poems, if so requested, are recited to the audience at every stop. Every participant recieves a leaflet with author introductions and translations of poems.

Ljubljana France Preseren Square
Photo credit: Dunja Wedam, Ljubljana Tourism Photo Library

With the Ljubljana for Poverty Lovers, Tourism Ljubljana highlights one more thing: the difference between Ljubljana and the rest of the European capitals. In most of the majoy cities the central squares are intended for the monuments of important military leaders and national leaders, while in Ljubljana, the UNESCO City of Literature 2015, this place belongs rather to poets and writers.

This unique incentive is perfect for guests who love to know the culture and art history of the city they are in, as well as for those who enjoy in poetry either reading it or listening to it.

Best time:All-year-round
Duration:2 hours
Number of participants:Min: 1, Max: 10 (optimal, but it can be arranged for bigger groups if so requested)
Location:Ljubljana, Slovenia


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