Photo Credit: You X Ventures

Eventmachine releases “Eventmachine IQ” instant quote, machine intelligence for automatically planning and quoting events. Eventmachine IQ dynamically assembles the right choice of options from the hotel’s or venue’s full MICE offerings – based on a few simple inputs, like date or event type. Automatically the software generates a professional PDF proposal. Personalized quotes are emailed instantly without an employee or client having to invest time.

In times of skilled labor shortage this is a win-win situation for both MICE sales teams and prospects. In the past an event manager had to manually select and calculate event spaces, catering and equipment for each inquiry. Eventmachine IQ’s algorithms take care of this now, reducing staff effort and effectively multiplying the event sales force. Prospects profit from instant, custom quotes. Venues and hotels profit from reduced workloads and satisfied customers.

“Eventmachine knows all our clients’ specific event offerings, including pricing models. Our new Eventmachine IQ only needs minimal basic information to dynamically put together unique, personalized events. The intelligence in the background takes care of time-consuming event planning in a few seconds,” explains Peter Warren, CTO of Eventmachine. “Eventmachine IQ is even easier for users than a website contact form.”

“Eventmachine IQ is the fastest way to quote individual events. Qualified leads are generated and deals can be closed much more quickly,” Florian Zelfel, CEO of Eventmachine, adds. “And all of that with fewer staff hours.”

Florian Zelfel