A look into the rich Bulgarian history

Immerse yourself on an incredible journey through the history of Bulgaria. The tour begins in The History Museum of Velingrad, where the largest collection of Easter eggs is on display. The next stop on the tour is the Tsepina Fortress. The origin of the fortress dates back to 1197 and is one of the most important archaeological monuments of Bulgaria.


Following the path, the next stop is Kostandovo, home to three mineral springs and recognised for the HEMUS carpet factory. The carpets coming from Kostandovo are known worldwide and are true representatives of Bulgaria. The final stop is Yundola, which is a unique market, where every day the vendors sell local delicacies.

Wow factorDiscovering the rich history of Bulgaria and the culture of royal carpet-making
Number of participantsMin: 5 Max: 50
Best time of the yearAll year round
Incentive type  Historical experience
Duration7 hours
Location Velingrad and Kostandovo, Bulgaria
Where to stayIf you’re planning to stay in Velingrad for longer, we recommend staying in the Maxi Velingrad Hotel & Spa.

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