Slido for education
Photo credits: Slido

Slido, the leading audience engagement platform, today launches Slido for Education, with the aim of helping lecturers stay connected with their students by powering two-way interaction during live and virtual classes.

As part of the package, Slido introduces two new integrations with Microsoft PowerPoint and Zoom Video Webinar to complement the existing integration with Google Slides.

In addition to the stack of new integrations, the Slido for Education package also includes improved Quizzes functionality and a special price offering for teachers.

Slido Google Slides integration

In the words of Slido CEO Peter Komornik: “We have planned to announce our new offering at SXSW EDU this week and we are very sorry that such a great event had to be canceled last minute due to COVID-19. Many schools are facing similar challenges now, being forced to cancel classes or move them online. Having started Slido eight years ago in education, we are committed to helping students and their lecturers maintain the connection by enabling a two-way interaction, no matter where they are. We hope Slido for Education will help teachers deliver engaging lectures for their students despite the challenging circumstances.”

Juraj Pal, VP Product at Slido, comments: “As a lecturer, you have to handle a number of tools at once when you give a virtual or live class. We have built new integrations with PowerPoint and Zoom Video Webinar to help lecturers run everything from one place. It reduces friction so they can fully focus on their delivery and engagement with students.”

Slido PowerPoint integration

“The integration with Microsoft PowerPoint has become our most requested feature of all times. We’re excited that we can make it available to all education users ahead of the general launch. From now on, lecturers can create polls, quizzes and audience Q&A right within the PowerPoint presentation and display them without ever leaving the slides,” adds Pal.

Peter Komornik concludes: “We know that the daily routines of many teachers and students have been impacted by the spread of the virus. Therefore starting this week, we have decided to provide free access to our advanced Slido for Education package to all teachers and students globally until July 1.”

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