The 12th Asia Pacific General Galvanizing Conference (APGGC) will be held in Yokohama from May 29 (Sun) to June 2 (Thurs), 2022. Drawing 350 participants from around the world, this will be the second time for Japan to host the conference, the last time being 28 years ago in 1994.

Under the concept of “For a Sustainable Future: Think Zinc!,” the event will feature presentations about world-class technology, as well as about products and technologies regarding general (batch) hot-dip galvanizing from companies around the world. The conference is expected to attract participants from the industry as a whole, including corrosion specialists, steel producers and fabricators.

Japan’s bid to host the conference was successful for a number of reasons, including the proposal made by the Japanese host, Japan Galvanizers Association, Inc., that showcased its traditions and high standards, the association’s passion and vision, the convenient access by public transport of the host city, Yokohama, Japan’s reputation as a safe country, and the cooperative partnership among everyone involved in the bid, including the national and local governments. These aspects were viewed highly by Asia Pacific General Galvanizing Association members, who voted unanimously to hold the conference in Japan.


Through the elevation of galvanizing technologies and improvements to business management, the JGA strives for the sound development of the industry, seeking to strengthen the erosion-proof and rust-proof functions of galvanizing on iron and steel to improve the quality of steel structures. Through the wide-ranging promotion of this technology, it aims to contribute to the enhancement of social capital, conservation of resources, and protection of the global environment.