Photo credits: Croatia National Tourist Board

As most of the world has stopped in its tracks, so has tourism. Now, after numerous weeks of isolation and staying home, various businesses and service providers are opening their doors again. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold for tourism as most countries are keeping their borders closed and crossings extremely restricted. Countries that largely depend on tourism can easily lose faith in such times, but the answer is to stay positive and creative. The Croatian Tourist Board has done just that when coming up with their #CroatiaLongDistanceLove campaign.


They are appealing to their devoted tourists as most return to explore the countless beaches of Croatia every summer by saying that long-distance love is never easy, but true love survives. Right now, people are mostly keeping in touch with their friends and families virtually, through video calls and Croatia found a way to connect with its tourists and fans this way as well. Virtual tours of the country will take you on the trip you already had planned, or you were planning before those plans were forced to change.

Photo credits: Croatian National Tourist Board

You can choose to explore breath-taking beaches or parks, famous food and wine, spectacular culture and history or learn about Croatian legends. The city of Dubrovnik is on display like you’ve never seen it before. Roam the virtual city streets or climb the medieval town wall and experience Dubrovnik from the comfort of your home.

You can also climb on board a sailing boat and explore it with the 360° feature while sailing along the magnificent Adriatic and admiring experienced sailors at work. If you are feeling adventurous and miss that adrenaline kick while being stuck indoors, make sure to take a look at the virtual kayaking – you will feel like you are in the waters of Zrmanja yourself.

Photo credits: Vilim Legović

Visit Croatia virtually and explore the fairytale country from your home, until you can do so again in person.