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A case study on how eBike Tours have overcome the challenges of extraordinary times that inflicted the tourism sector. It took quick action and Facebook advertising to realise 100% of set business goals – in only 5 days and with a single FB campaign.

Facebook advertising yields excellent results even in the most unpredictable of times for the economy. We are sharing a success story created alongside eBike Tours.

eBike Tours is a young and driven company, shifting limits in the area of cycling excursions. They are located in Bled, offering daily rentals of e-bicycles and perfected cycling excursions in Bled and its surroundings. It is mostly foreign tourists who opt for bicycle rental and excursions, who can discover the gems of the Slovenian landscape at their own pace.

eBike Tours - Madwise

Challenge of Tourism during Coronavirus and Extraordinary Conditions

The emergency measures, limiting excursions and other tourist activities have caused a complete decline of bicycle rental and the implementation of cycling excursions. How to survive in the field of tourism if people are banned from taking trips? eBike Tours has come up with an ingenious solution – agile adjustment of their business model – and introduced the experience of excursions with e-bicycles to the local population. Instead of daily bicycle rental, they designed a monthly bicycle rental for €100 in Ljubljana and its surroundings. The rental includes bicycle delivery, a helmet, a key lock and a charger.

New Business Model, New Clients – How to Reach Them?

An objective of renting 60 bicycles per month for a monthly fee was set. Now local clients had to be introduced to the monthly rental of e-bicycles.

A basic Facebook campaign was designed, with the objective of reaching the largest traffic possible on the landing page (so-called Traffic Campaign); raising attention among people and convincing them in the monthly rental option. The advertising budget was €200 for 10 days of advertising. Audience targeting focused on users, both male and female, from Ljubljana and its surroundings between 23 and 60 years of age.
At the ad level, 2 different texts and 4 different creatives were tested and adjusted according to the placement (mobile, story).

Several creatives were also tried out; the one in the middle won by convincing the selected target group.

eBike Tours - Madwise

What about the text of the ad? Besides the creative that raises attention, each Facebook ad needs great text to impress the buyer!

The text below yielded the most clicks.

eBike Tours - Madwise


100% realisation of the set business objective was reached and the campaign could easily have done even better, if any more bicycles were available. In 5 days of campaign activity, high demand was reached and all 60 e-bicycles were rented out.

  • 992 clicks.
  • 39 telephone calls.
  • 7 received e-mails.
  • 9 online reservations.
  • 60 rented bicycles.

€70.48 was spent on Facebook advertising, which means the project brought in incredibly high ROAS, i.e. 85.13.

eBike Tours - Madwise

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