The alleged termination of Bled Convention Bureau

It all seems the forecasted crisis following the coronavirus pandemic will not be as innocent as we thought. It has already claimed its first victims in the Slovenian meetings industry; according to trustworthy sources, the Bled Convention Bureau will be abolished due to large budget cuts. Bled’s key decision-makers will focus all their attention on classical leisure tourism. After all, Bled is the pearl of Slovenian tourism.

From its establishment in 2017, Bled Convention Bureau was closely tied to the activities of the Slovenian Convention Bureau. It was run by Vesna Klemenčič, who gained extensive experience working in the Slovenian Convention Bureau and Intours DMC.

A Convention Burea’s role is priceless when it comes to representing destination interests and promoting the meetings sector. In times of crisis, economic interests often collide with the challenge of decreased income and budgeting in all fields. Finding the right balance between minimizing damage from the pandemic and working in favour of the destination is extremely difficult. Bled’s meetings industry advantages have to be protected and used wisely.

I hope that reason and logic prevail and Bled Convention Bureau continues to operate, as that will benefit all parties. Slovenia’s alpine region needs a strong support pillar in the meetings industry and Bled has been providing that pillar.

After the crisis, we will all be starting the marathon from the same starting positions, but I am certain that destinations with proactive and innovative Convention Bureaus will have an immediate advantage.

We will try to find out more about the topic in the following days. We hope that the Head of Bled Tourism, Tomaž Rogelj can give us an accurate answer.

Stay tuned!