Information about when we will be able to organise events is vitally important. The goal of the L-DAY campaign is to share information from all over the world, helping colleagues plan their crisis exit. We want L-DAY to become a unique benchmark for different politics that are shaping the fate of our industry.

In order to provide the most objective answer to the aforementioned question, we are asking international meetings industry experts, influencers, associations and all Kongres Magazine readers to answer three simple questions:


Q: When will your country allow events for up to 100 people?

On May 29th, together with the re-opening of hotels in Austria. Currently, the government has defined those event formats as “seminars in hotels and public cultural events (concerts, theatre, movies, etc.)”.

Q: When will your country allow events without restrictions = L-DAY?

No clear communication yet from the Austrian government. However, referring to the public cultural events, from the beginning of September, they could allow those events up to 1.000 participants. Hence, we anticipate a similar regulation for the business events formats.

Our best guess is currently, in the last quarter of 2020, there should be the possibility to run events without restrictions on the number of participants. All events will have to follow (hopefully) clear & practical COVID-19 rules and measurements, until there are the necessary medical/scientific responses (medication, vaccine) available – that could be well into the first quarter of 2021.

Q: When are you planning your first live event?

As part of the event organisation team, we are planning to carry out a major congress, mid-October 2020, in Vienna.

About Ivo Franschitz

Ivo is the owner & Managing Director of ENITED Business Events GmbH. Since 1999, he has been involved with a number of national and international educational institutions and sharing his experience and knowledge through a variety of speaking engagements. Currently, he holds a Board member position with EMBA (Event Marketing Board Austria) and with LiveCom Alliance (Pan-European Platform of National LiveCom Associations), as well as being an active member of ICCA (International Congress & Convention Association) and of 27NAMES.

When do you think L-DAY will happen?

Let us when you are planning your first live event and share your opinion on when L-DAY will happen by completing a short survey.