Šenk’s homestead is the pearl of the Alpine architecture and typical nucleated rural settlement of the area. Here we find eight buildings; all roofed with wooden roofing in a layout designed more than 500 years ago. It was built after the big lake which was covering Jezersko valley disappeared in the 14th century. The engraved year 1517 above the door of the main building tells us of its age. Original buildings and architectural style have been preserved and the main house of the homestead is today protected under the national cultural heritage scheme.


At the Šenk’s Homestead, in addition to lodging, they also offer you a place to organize events for groups who wish to relax in unspoiled nature with accompanying activities, offered by the farm environment under the mighty walls of the two thousand meters high peaks in Kamnik-Savinja Alps. On the farm, you can even see the animals of Slovenian indigenous breeds or you can try to spin wool on the old spinning wheel. In wintertime, you can make beautiful tours as a ski mountaineer or enjoy cross-country skiing trails around the valley.

The Homestead strives to maintain the old traditional dishes that were prepared already by generations before them and are inextricably linked with the life on the farm. On the menu, you will find dishes, such as »Masunjek« on homemade bread, buckwheat »žganci« with »ajmoht« or goulash with bread dumplings. The offer is topped with »buhtlji« with homemade plum jam or »šmorn« with prune jam.



Šenk’s Homestead
Zgornje Jezersko 140
Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia

T: +386 31 777 188