Photo Credit: Visit Serbia


Kalemegdan Fortress was built in the 1st century and developed over the years into the Roman stronghold, then into the Byzantine kastel. After that, it became the medieval Capital of Serbia, and finally an Austrian / Ottoman artillery fortification. Kalemegdan Fortress makes a unique cultural and historical complex within Kalemegdan park. Belgrade Fortress is today a cultural property of great importance, and a venue for frequent cultural, artistic and entertainment events.

Photo Credit: Kurir.rs


The beauty and significance of the fortress can be conceived only by visiting it. Beneath every footstep made in the Belgrade fortress lies more history than it can be found in history books. The so-called “Roman well” that was actually built in the early 18th century, hides numerous stories. Most of the gates leading into the city are preserved. Belgrade fortress still stands to defy the time, but is nowadays a great choice for event organisers.


Kalemegdan Fortress
Belgrade, Serbia

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