“Just like bedtime stories that we used to listen to as children, every event creates and shares its own story. A well-told story is an event where the narrator and the listener meet, where the participant and the speaker form a personal bond.”

Before you come to Conventa Crossover, a hybrid conference for everyone, who wants to learn, socialize and exchange ideas in an informal, relaxed environment, the organisers wanted you to meet the speakers (or storytellers as they like to call them). Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Ljubljana on 27 August 2020, you can join the conference virtually.

Colja Dams

CEO of VOK DAMS worldwide

Q: How are we going to organize events in the future?

With the same passion and commitment, we always do! The playing field might have gravitated towards online and hybrid events but our love for and dedication to impactful events remains unbounded. Be it online or offline, hybrid or digital, people want and need to share real-life live experiences and even this global pandemic isn’t going to change that.

Q: What is your love story with the world of events?

We have been in the business of creating better results for our clients since 1970. For 50 years we have built emotional connections between brands and people by producing up-close-and-personal live experiences. To see people enjoy our events and activations makes all the long hours and hard work worthwhile.

Q: In your opinion, what is live marketing’s best advantage vs online?

It’s sharing the experience with like-minded people that makes live events so impactful. An online event can be emotional and impactful on a personal level but sharing the experience online with your peers is a distant and much weaker connection than in a live setting. Compare any live concert with its online version. No matter how slick the online production, no matter how many camera angles, the live version will always outclass the online one.

Q: What are you bringing to Conventa Crossover and why should an attendee not miss your session?

Like everyone in the Global live event industry, we also have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we introduced our hybrid event concept over 10 years ago. Since then we have optimized this approach and extended it with our ‘Open Platform’ approach and combined it with our agile agency system. Which prepared in retrospect better for this situation. We are looking forward to sharing our processes and thoughts on how to successfully navigate the pandemic.

Q: What do you expect from the event?

A great exchange of ideas amongst the leading event professionals worldwide. Open and honest dialogue be it online or offline. Looking forward!


About Conventa Crossover

The 5th Conventa Crossover, the festival of events and live marketing is moving forward in hybrid form for the first time. Despite the new hybrid form, Conventa Crossover will remain the central THINK-TANK for the meetings industry of New Europe. The live portion of the conference will be taking place from 27 to 28 August 2020 in Club CD, Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana, while the online portion of the event will be streamed on 27 August 2020 through a new online platform. All information about pricing can be found here.

Every August, Conventa Crossover transforms Ljubljana into the centre stage for leading experts in live marketing and event organisation. A place to explore, meet and create new ideas. Conventa Crossover is one of the few places where the event industry comes together to find out where the industry is heading through inspiring speakers, networking and fun. Conventa Crossover is a conference intended for event managers, creative heads, marketing experts, experts in event organisation, providers of meetings services, experts from companies, agencies, associations, tourist destinations, hotels, special venues, and everyone else from the region of New Europe who are closely related to event organisation and live marketing.

The venue; Cankarjev Dom Cultural Centre and the organisers of Conventa Crossover; Toleranca Marketing have both received the Safe & Healthy Events certification from the Slovenian Convention Bureau, ensuring health and safety will be on a high level.