ASSOCIATIONWORLD, with the generous support of Visit.Brussels, and in collaboration with its global partners the Barcelona Convention Bureau, Boardroom, idloom and Curia, is announcing the Brussels European Association Forum, set to take place on 20 Nov. 2020.

This year, BEAF’s primary mission is to bring together Brussels and Benelux based and international / European associations and the non-profit community to share recent experience and best practices to design joint initiatives to tackle common challenges. The program will include several interactive knowledge sharing tracks and workshops, panel discussions and keynotes.

BEAF will be the first face-to-face association community event to take place after the imposed measures over the last few months and will be that opportunity to get back to business and kick off the association gatherings in the Brussels association hub once more.

Kai Troll, President of ASSOCIATIONWORLD

“We want to bring association professionals back together again before we go into the last phase of our planning for 2021 with plenty of challenges on our plates. ASSOCIATIONWORLD has done its share of online sessions over the last months and will continue to do so. But it is also time to meet again, if the situation allows. And with the current regulation in place, we are allowed and able to do so. To organize this event relatively short term at this moment in time is a testimony of our close collaboration and strong partnership with Visit.Brussels and the Association Bureau Brussels team since our existence in Oct 2018 as one of the leading platforms of providing accessible, premium but affordable education and learning experiences to associations and association professionals in the leading association hubs. We are therefore very thankful to Visit.Brussels for the commitment and for hosting BEAF. We applaud the Association Bureau’s innovative ways of building a very active association community over the last few years in Brussels and for coordinating many of the initiatives in our active Brussels association market,” says Kai Troll, President of ASSOCIATIONWORLD.


Elisabeth Van Ingelgem, Director Convention and Association Bureau at Visit.Brussels commented: “All our teams at Visit.Brussels we are very active for several months to strategize and to plan our destination’s exit strategy. Doing so, we actively engage associations in the planning, consider their input and listen to their concerns. The thousands of associations based in the Brussels hub have always played an important role in our economy, employing more than 15 000 people and organizing over 900 events per year. We are now very excited about entering the next phase and starting face-to-face meetings hosting the Brussels European Association Forum, in full compliance with all the government regulations for public events.”

The Brussels European Association Forum (BEAF) is complementing the Geneva International Association Forum (GIAF) taking place on 5-6 Nov 2020.