Photo Credit: EventsAIR

COVID-19 and the ensuing restrictions has forced many businesses to cancel or postpone crucial in-person events since March 2020. EventsAIR responded to the crisis and launched the OnAIR virtual and hybrid event solution in May 2020. OnAIR has been a lifeline to event planners around the globe. Supporting a range of virtual conferences, meetings, and events, the OnAIR solution offered customers a secure online environment where attendees can meet, share ideas, interact, and do business via an intuitive web interface.

This week, the EventsAIR team celebrates the record-breaking milestone of 100,000 virtual attendees, which equates to over 300,000 registrations and hundreds of events over a three-month period.

OnAIR delivers a full virtual event solution from managing marketing and communications to registrations and online experience with its intuitive OnAIR Timeline. Add to this, a range of interactive tools such as exhibitor halls, networking groups, meeting hub, live Q&A and polling plus different session types – making an online experience that educates as well as adds value to attendees. This accomplishment comes at an exciting time as EventsAIR prepares the launch of OnAIR Version 3 in the coming weeks. The new version will take the attendee experience to even greater heights.

“We are proud of what our team at EventsAIR has achieved in such a limited amount of time and how it has helped our customers connect and engage with businesses through these challenging times,” says CEO Trevor Gardiner.

“As the product evolves, we will enter into the next phase of virtual events where a blended or hybrid style of events will emerge. Version 3 of OnAIR will be well-positioned to offer clients a smooth transition while maintaining a high level of engagement and capability,” says Global Sales & Marketing Director Joe Ciliberto.

EventsAIR is grateful to all customers who have helped in attaining this impressive achievement and looks forward to continued growth both in the EventsAIR platform and in the benefits for event planners and their attendees and delegates.