New authentic Sami experience launched from the home of one of Swedish Lapland’s oldest guiding families

In response to COVID, one of the longest established Sami guiding families has opened the doors to their own home for the first time to welcome private groups for an authentic Sami dinner.

The new evening launched by Scandinavian Photoadventures is filled with storytelling, traditionally prepared food, and the chance to experience and understand the cultural significance of the Northern Lights and the night sky.

Guests will travel to the end of the road to the foot of the highest mountain area in Sweden, 70 km from Kiruna, to Nikkaluokta a traditional Sami village in Swedish Lapland. Here, the guests will be welcomed into Ylva’s family home where an evening of food, culture, nature and (hopefully) Northern Lights will take guests on a complete cultural journey.

“Our culture, our connection to nature and our family are all really important to us,” says Ylva Sarri, founder of Scandinavian Photoadventures. “It is our mission to share this with our guests to help learn our way of life, to help enrich our guests. What better way to do that, than over dinner, prepared and cooked in the same way my ancestors have done for generations, and by sharing it all with my family.”

Tourism first started in the region at the beginning of 1900 when the reindeer herders of the Niia and Sarri families started to guide adventurous visitors to the area, with Per Niia becoming the first-ever Sami photographer. One generation later and the two families are still some of the most respected guides in Swedish Lapland, also becoming the first Sami film photographers across the whole of Lapland. Ylva added; “We wanted to preserve and pass on the knowledge we got from our families and so founded Scandinavian Photoadventures.”

The combination of experience, knowledge and family, has created a special new opportunity for visitors to get far away from the crowds and experience the life and culture of the Sami people. Dinner will be traditionally prepared and include reindeer, moose, or fish depending on the season – all caught or reared locally. Guests will learn about the traditional recipes and techniques to prepare the food; learn about the Sami culture through storytelling and understand the close connection the Sami have with nature and the night sky.

The new overnight northern light Sami dinner experience is available through and can be booked from October 1st 2020– March 30th 2021 costing from 5190 SEK (£460) per person, based on 2 adults. This includes transfers from your hotel, one night in a cabin with two course Sami dinner, traditional snacks from the Sami kitchen, breakfast and Sami outdoor lunch, Sami guide, warm covering clothes and shoes, and Aurora photography equipment.

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