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One Voice - One Mission - One Message

The IAPCO led Strategic Global Task Force of National PCO Associations, formed of 11 National PCO Associations have together created The PCO Perspective: An Advocacy Guide, in collaboration with JMIC.

“The more consistent our messaging as an industry the more powerful the impact we will have on our broader external audiences”, said Rod Cameron, Executive Director of the Joint Meetings Industry Council. “By aligning and incorporating elements of the JMIC Manifesto in their own excellent document IAPCO is not only strengthening their own arguments but will enhance outcomes for others in the industry as well. They are demonstrating the power of collaboration at a time when we need it the most”.

The JMIC Global Manifesto, published on 15 July 2020, focussed on the industry-wide rationale for the use of Business Events as Primary Agents for Post Pandemic Economic Recovery and Renewal.

In response to this, the Task force, led by Monica Freire, IAPCO Council Member and Iberia Region Business Manager Congress Unit, AIM Group International, used their combined expertise to create a focussed advocacy guide for PCOs, which works in conjunction with the JMIC Manifesto.

Monica says “I think that in these unprecedented and difficult times we need more than ever to join forces and promote collaboration among event professionals at all levels to support each other, define best practices, disseminate correct information on the market and enable constructive dialogues with local authorities. We are working hard to define a common protocol for safe events around the globe which will be made available to all organisers and clients involved in this challenge”.

Photo Credit: CIM


The PCO Perspective: An Advocacy Guide has been circulated to PCOs around the world with guidance on how to advocate for the safe reopening of PCO-managed business and professional events.

Read the full IAPCO’s PCO Perspective: An Advocacy Guide here.