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The Montenegrin government has registered a new airline called ToMontenegro as its flag carrier less than ten days following the collapse of Montenegro Airlines. The company has been founded with thirty million euros in start-up capital. The state noted the airline’s name will likely change and has invited the public to send in their branding proposals.

The race is on to get Montenegro’s new airline off the ground in order to preserve some of Montenegro Airlines’ slots at European airports, crew permits and respond to the quick reaction by its competitors. Montenegro Airlines has been suspended from IATA Clearing House, which provides billing and settlement services in multiple currencies for the air transport industry. Furthermore, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Air France and Alitalia have ended their codeshare partnerships with the grounded airline.

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“We had to act fast so we could salvage parts of Montenegro Airlines, however, the name, logo and design are susceptible to change. We invite everyone who is passionate about this matter to send in their proposals to We will present your proposals to the public which will have a final say”, the Minister for Finance, Milojko Spajić said. He added, “A large part of Montenegro Airlines’ hard-working employees will be involved in the creation of this new company”.

Mladen Bojanić

Minister for Capital Investments

“Montenegro Airlines’ status is undefined. We are trying to keep the company alive in this transition period while we form a new carrier. We are aware that we must have a national airline”, the Minister for Capital Investments, Mladen Bojanić, said.

Commenting on the new airline, Mr Bojanić noted, “ToMontenegro will be the pride of the country and will be profitable, unlike its predecessor. Montenegro Airlines was in debt tens of millions of euros to everyone. The company had negative capital amounting to sixty million euros. Two days before its last service, the flight from Podgorica to Vienna was cancelled because of debt owed to Eurocontrol”. Mr Bojanić previously said it could take between six to nine months to launch a new airline but that efforts would be made to do so before the start of the height of the summer season.