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A major rewrite

Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri today launched Aventri Virtual Events 2.0 for interactive virtual and hybrid events.

Virtual Events 2.0 presents a major rewrite, from its sleek design to new features that drive engagement and ease of use. A comprehensive, new virtual networking suite brings like-minded attendees together via AI-driven matchmaking and smart recommendations. Collaboration tools enable interest-based connections, mirroring the experience at live events.


The solution is pre-configured to deliver modern, “Wow!” events right out of the box. Using templates and do-it-yourself customization tools, marketing and meeting professionals can create a stunning, branded event in a few minutes.

Aventri also revamped its mobile event app to support hybrid events. Organizers can continue to use Aventri for digital-only and in-person-only events. However, with the latest enhancements, virtual and mobile solutions work in sync to deliver a unified experience for in-person and online attendees.

All-in-One Platform

Virtual Events 2.0 is a native part of the core Aventri platform. Organizers can produce virtual, hybrid, and in-person events with one platform that combines:

– A best-in-class virtual and hybrid event solution
– Redesigned mobile app to support hybrid events
– Onsite technology for in-person and hybrid gatherings
– Tools to manage the entire event lifecycle, from venue sourcing to event registration, marketing, engagement, analytics, and reporting

“Aventri continues to innovate and lead in the end-to-end event management space,” said CEO Jim Sharpe. “It’s clear hybrid is the future of event marketing. Our research shows 89 percent of global organizers say virtual will remain a vital part of their long-term strategies, even after live events resume. “We’re seeing an uptick in activity, as enterprises ramp up for the return of live events in the third and fourth quarters of this year,” Sharpe continued. “Using Virtual Events 2.0, organizers don’t need to master different platforms. They can go virtual now and be hybrid-ready in the near future when live events come back.”

“Large and small enterprises need to get their virtual events up and running fast,” explained Shane Edmonds, chief technology officer, Aventri. “The key is to streamline the process across the board. Our new virtual and hybrid solution delivers sophisticated technology that’s simple to use,” Edmonds continued. “It’s easy for attendees to network, whether they participate online or in person. It’s easy for exhibitors to make connections that move the needle for their company. And it’s easy for organizers to produce secure, best-in-class virtual and hybrid experiences that deliver a solid return on investment.”

Photo Credit: Aventri

Bolsters Digital Event Networking, Monetization

Virtual Events 2.0 supports internal meetings, conferences, and trade shows. Planners can create dynamic agendas, including keynote presentations, interactive meetings, and breakout sessions, and make content available live or on-demand. Virtual Events 2.0 notable features include these below.

Best-in-class virtual and hybrid events – The solution expands capacity to 30,000 remote attendees per event. Cutting-edge hybrid technology brings in-person and online audiences together seamlessly in one uniform experience. This simplifies planning and amplifies reach. Mobile and virtual interactivity features are the same. With engagement tools working as one, attendees explore and connect in real-time, unlimited by location.

Enhanced networking, engagement – The new networking suite features matchmaking, smart recommendations, and chat (video, audio, or text; one-on-one or group). Attendees view profiles and initiate chat, using a list of common interests as conversation starters. With robust collaboration tools, participants connect naturally over shared interests. Interactivity features fuel lively education sessions, where attendees engage via real-time polling, Q&As, activity feeds, chat, and more.

Added value for exhibitors, sponsors – Virtual booths let exhibitors connect face-to-face with attendees and generate qualified leads. Attendees click on a logo in the virtual lobby and launch a live video meeting with an expert. Booths provide product demos, downloadable sales material, and lead-scoring tools. Virtual Events 2.0 also features new interactive sponsorship capabilities, giving organizers more ways to monetize their events and expand partners’ reach.

Industry-leading security – As a fully browser-based tool, Virtual Events 2.0 eliminates the need to download software for joining sessions. The solution delivers the same industry-leading security as the core Aventri platform. This includes in-region data centres, full encryption for attendee data, and single sign-on technology to optimize security and convenience.

Powerful reporting – As part of an all-in-one platform, Virtual Events 2.0 makes it easy to run cross-event reports and analyze performance across the entire event portfolio. Metrics on session selection, Q&A’s, and dwell time produce valuable insights on attendee preferences. By integrating event technology with CRM and marketing automation platforms, enterprises can personalize sales and marketing and increase the return on investment of their events.

Virtual Events 2.0 is available starting April 15, 2021.

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