Learn how to organise meetings that rock

When your event fails, it is not only an economic problem but one that has an impact on your reputation. Learn how to organise meetings that rock through practical examples in the “Power to the Meetings” book by Gorazd Čad.


Events are a powerful visual, expressive and content tool. More importantly, they are an effective communication tool. Every event organiser will leave their mark and signature on their event, and the more freedom we have, the stronger our stamp.

The first time I heard that I should write a book on event organising was around a decade ago. At that time, it felt too early and too soon. We were in the middle of developing grand events. Among them, the awarded and recognised Conventa drained the most energy. Despite being delighted to receive compliments and awards, I have concluded that I no longer need them. What matters most is the joy when organising events and creating authentic experiences and the child-like enthusiasm that comes from seeing happy and satisfied participants. That is the ultimate goal of every event organiser.

I first had to ease myself, free my writing wings and calm my unfulfilled desires. After that, everything came together by itself. Of course, the corona crisis was also helpful, giving us all an abundance of free time. I have come to realise that with the topics I delve into, I also depict my own story. The story of an aspiring history and geography professor, who gave up his profession and fell in love with organising events. A field of expertise for which no school existed, only Cankarjev Dom, where I found my first job.

Equally meaningful was the realisation that our methodology works brilliantly, even at a time when the world is ruled by online events. Thus, I decided to bolster my courage and start writing.

The essential reason for writing the book was encouragement from colleagues, who were thrilled about our Power to the Meetings methodology. At presentations, I often heard that they wanted more information, and that many concepts and ideas were left unexplained. Thus, this book will paint a brand new picture of the entire methodology and invite readers to read it more than once.

With the book, I want to present my view on event organising and my outlook on the world that events are directly connected to.

This book is not a collection of recipes, but more of an overview of various experiences. It is not my intention to build an academic career on the back of this book. Consequently, you will not find quotes or footers. Hopefully, what you do find is how to make events better, sustainable, and above all, more effective.

When we created the Power to the Meetings methodology five years ago, we were well aware that we were creating a tool for the next generation of events. A growing number of clients use it in practice or follow individual segments of the methodology. We have been rewarded by thrilled and satisfied participants. It is our pleasure to see colleagues use the methodology in practice, and we gladly provide them with additional tips. When clients understand the architecture of events, they start to enjoy the added value of events and become loyal followers.

We hope our methodology will help create a brighter world of events in the future.

Gorazd Čad, Editor in Chief of Kongres Magazine



“Power to the Meetings” is the methodology for creating memorable events. It’s a concept that advocates quality events and greater responsibility towards participants, the environment and ourselves. It is not merely a way of organising events, but a way of life. You can find out more about the methodology here.


  • practical examples on organising live, digital and hybrid events
  • how you can avoid Mr Murphy, who is lurking waiting behind every corner in event organising
  • why organise events, and how to transform them from boring into quality, inspiring and interactive events
  • which methods of participant marketing work and which psychological triggers we can use for marketing
  • why quality content is the basis for your event’s success and
  • how to create content that will touch your participants’ hearts
  • how to create an event’s personality through quality branding and how to create a great event image as the ultimate brand interpretation
  • what is event rhythm and why it is crucial to establish harmony in an event’s programme
  • how we achieve measurable added value (ROI and ROE) for organisers and participants
  • how to change participants from passive to active with numerous moderation techniques
  • why event preparation is a major part of the final result and
  • why we need to put in 16 hours of preparation for one hour of an event’s programme
  • you will learn to hear, listen and understand what participants expect, think and feel
  • you will learn about our responsibility to organise the events of the future with minimal carbon footprint – the clock is inevitably ticking
  • why digital platforms are hungry for good stories and quality marketing

… and numerous other methods and techniques that will be of practical assistance when organising events



“Hope is not a strategy. But this book could be the right one, not just in these uncertain times for any event creators and/or organizers. Gorazd – the neverending and passionated event and live communication evangelist has shown and summarized the future superpowers of the event industry not just for the „New Europe“. It is a powerful reading with billions of events industry insights. Thank you and congratulations for creating the brand new way „power to the meetings“. The event is dead, long live the event!“

Stefan Kozak
Group Managing Director, Creative Pro


“A great book from a great professional! I can highly recommend reading it, especially if you are new to our industry. The focus on newcomers of our industry is because I believe this is the group that will appreciate the level of detail in the book the most.”

Jens Oliver Mayer
Managing Director, Jack Morton


“This book is a treasure trove of knowledge about anything to do with events and a must-read for anybody in marketing and communications. What is more, the enthusiasm and passion that pervades this book make it a fun and interesting read. Gorazd Čad not only covers the basics, drawing on the most recent research but also shows which changes and trends will shape the industry and to what effect. And he does so with great verve. This book is a testimony to what all of us in marketing and communications know: There is nothing more powerful, more effective, more full of wow and fun than events. ”Power to the meetings” shows their great potential and how to unleash it.”

Colja Dams
Chief Executive Officer, Vok Dams


“Power to the meetings – how to organise meetings that rock” is the book’s title, and it is easy to start dancing while and after reading this book. The book puts the participant in focus – all the time! That is maybe the core thing in the book, which is not any book. It really helps you all the way in the WHY, HOW and WHAT in organising meetings – live, hybrid and digital. The knowledge and experience Gorazd Čad shares is based on reality, interviews, surveys, cases and based on real-life! Even if the book is not an academic one but written for professionals, I will, for sure, use this book as my first reference literature for the students at Modul Private University in Vienna when I once again teach Event Management this autumn. The book I missed is finally here.”

Henrik von Arnold
Owner of Henrik von Arnold & Co