The most-read interviews with world-acclaimed meetings industry professionals

During the pandemic, Kongres Magazine conducted a series of interviews with meetings industry professionals from around the globe, who shared their thoughts on the future of events, if hybrid events will replace live events and how the pandemic has changed the industry irrevocably. The question that sparked debate was: High Tech or High Touch?

Below are the most-read interviews since the start of the pandemic.


Patrick Roubroeks: “I miss organising events, the opium for the mind!”

Interview with Patrick Roubroeks, Founding director of XSAGA. Patrick has a curious and creative look to the world around him.


Jens Oliver Mayer: “The industry has been changed forever”

Interview with Jens Oliver Mayer, Managing Director of Jack Morton Worldwide’s German Offices.


Nina Erneker: “The only constant is omnipresent change”

Interview with Nina Erneker on her perspective on the future of the meetings industry, and how she has adapted to the “new normal”.


Kit Lykketoft: “Copenhagen has a long-standing tradition of pursuing green solutions”

Kongres Magazine interviewed Kit Lykketoft, Convention Director of Copenhagen CVB, who recently created Copenhagen’s new Sustainability Guide.


Jeremy Rees: “Organised business events are a huge catalyst for trade”

Interview with Jeremy Rees, CEO at ExCel London on the future of the exhibition industry and the future of trade shows.


Maarten Schram: “Joining forces in times of a crisis is crucial”

Kongres Magazine talked to Maarten Schram, who was recently part of a Dutch initiative named Back to Live, which was organised to help live events return.


Claudia Köhler: “Face-to-face communication remains fundamentally important”

Interview with Claudia Köhler, Corporate Vice President of VOK DAMS on how VOK DAMS has adapted to the “new normal”.


Luca Favetta: “Face to face events will never disappear!”

Interview with Luca Favetta, who is a Board Member of the World Tourism Forum Institute International Council.


Eda Özden: “No tech product can be as effective as people creating synergy”

Interview with Eda Özden, Managing Director at MEP Destination Business Solutions on why she loves organising events.


Meeli Jaaksoo: “This crisis will provide possibilities for small and medium-sized destinations”

Interview with Meeli Jaaksoo, who has been the head of Tallinn Convention Bureau since its creation 20 years ago.

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