Photo Credit: IMEX Group

Building back better

The connection and online meeting-focused days take place on Tuesday 8 and Thursday 10 June, either side of Buzz Day on 9 June, and are designed to build camaraderie and relationships at a time when the sector needs to come together and build back better. In true IMEX style, a huge dose of personalisation is woven into each day with the AI-powered platform allowing people to connect based on a range of personal and professional criteria. This enables meaningful informal or formal business connections based on shared interests ranging from work, animals, art, gardening and gaming.

While the platform allows connections and communications to take place at any time, it’s only at specific times and days that participants can schedule a video or audio meetings on the platform.

“We designed and created our BuzzHub to bring the industry and our community together online in the run-up to our next in-person show, IMEX America in November. We’re now set to offer two new and novel networking days on our IMEX BuzzHub and these will run either side of our Buzz Day next Wednesday 9 June.” Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, introduces two dedicated networking days taking place on the new virtual experience platform, BuzzHub.

Carina continues: “We hope our ‘BuzzHubbers’ will use these networking days to reconnect with people they have lost touch with during these recent, challenging times as well as get to know some of the new faces in our industry.”

Photo Credit: IMEX Group

“One of the speakers at our recent Buzz Day said; Community is not something you find, it’s something you create. I couldn’t agree more. Surrounding yourself with people who share the same values creates a sense of belonging and, ultimately, safety and contentment. The business events community is renowned for its strength and solidarity, and we look forward to bringing together new and familiar faces on 8, 9 and 10 June.”

The networking days take place on 8 and 10 June from 12 – 8pm London time (6am – 2pm Central) on the BuzzHub. The June Buzz Day, which is packed with ‘Build Back Better’ themed education sessions from Esteé Lauder, Carnival Cruise Line, the Global Destination Sustainability Movement and more, takes place on 9 June.

The IMEX BuzzHub platform runs until September delivering human connections, business value and tailored content on the ‘Road to Mandalay Bay’ in the run-up to IMEX America, 9 – 11 November. Registration is free.