Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board

Ljubljana recognised as the 63rd most entrepreneur-friendly city in the world

The Top Cities For Entrepreneurial Success index shows the cities with the best supportive frameworks and developed ecosystems to start and grow a business both during and beyond the pandemic. The study analyses and compares the 75 leading global cities using data on factors vital for entrepreneurial success including healthy tech/digital ecosystems, economic freedom, human capital availability, financial initiatives, governmental Covid relief and more.

At Oberlo, they help budding entrepreneurs in their ecommerce journey. Despite the enormous challenges of the pandemic, they’ve seen first-hand how aspiring business owners have managed to turn their economic setbacks into creative and innovative opportunities.

Success, of course, occurs when preparation meets opportunity, so they decided to delve into the topic further by investigating the cities which offer the most supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as the frameworks to ensure long-term success.

The resulting index shows the cities best placed to provide everything an entrepreneur might need to maintain and build a business from the ground up – from bootstrapping and financing, to the logistical details that can make or break a business.

Photo Credit: Oberlo

After reviewing a list of over 200 global metropolises, they shortlisted the top 75 global cities based on factors that reflected their innovation, economic strength and entrepreneurial spirit. This began by investigating the basic infrastructure and bureaucracy required to get a small business going, such as local taxes, regulatory freedom, and the average timeframe it takes in each city to start a new limited liability company. As they believe that opportunity should always be afforded on a level playing field, they also looked into the support systems available for female founders in each location.

Almost every city has offered some measure of economic support during the pandemic, with some doing more than others, so they also analysed the level of assistance available to businesses in each. Next, they looked into the specific needs of two of the most popular industries with entrepreneurs – Tech/Digital ventures and Import/Export. For the first, they evaluated the local tech ecosystem, as well as the resource capital available in each city. For the second, they evaluated the local logistics ecosystem, as well as the access to global markets, and the cost of postage. Finally, they looked into the resources available for financing and bootstrapping, such as unemployment benefits, small business loans, local business taxes and venture capital.


1. London -100.00
2. New York – 92.3
3. San Francisco – 88.5
4. Sydney – 87.2
5. Melbourne – 86.6
6. Los Angeles – 86.6
7. Singapore – 85.4
8. Boston – 84.8
9. Berlin – 83.6
10. Chicago – 82.6

Take a look at the full results and methodology here: https://www.oberlo.com/entrepreneur