Photo Credit: Lviv Convention Bureau


From July 11 to 14, psychologists and psychotherapists from more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America will meet online to share experiences and discuss important issues in the field.

The initiator of the event in Lviv is Honorary Ambassador Oleksandr Filts. In 2017, the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists applied to the International Organizing Committee for a congress in Lviv. Lviv City Mayor, Lviv Convention Bureau supported the union’s initiative. In 2018, representatives of the International Association of Individual Psychology came to the city and confirmed the possibility of holding an event in Lviv in 2020. Due to quarantine, the congress was postponed to 2021.

One’s ability to “see with the eyes of another, hear with the ears of another, and feel with the heart of another” is a measure of one’s health and a basis of optimism as a core of Adlerian approach.

The 28th Congress of International Association of Individual Psychology will provide an opportunity to learn everlasting wisdom of Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology and its approach to understanding human nature, and to discuss the solutions it can offer to healing of new psychopathologies in contemporary societies.

The IAIP Association has been created to bring together the organized bodies of Individual Psychology throughout the world and to provide a forum for international dialogue, collaboration and cooperation among these various bodies in regard to the further development and application of Individual Psychology.

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