Photo Credit: Eventex

Eventex Awards announces “The top 80 event organizers and agencies in the UK & Ireland for 2021” Index. The ranking represents consistent excellence in the meetings and events industry. It features the most awarded agencies and organizers in the UK & Ireland from the latest edition of the top 20 most prestigious event and experience marketing awards worldwide.

– The company that leads the UK & Ireland Index is London based experience agency Outreach Creative who rightfully call themselves “the joy makers”. Outreach Creative won multiple awards at Eventex 2021 for their heartwarming Manchester light and lantern ‘Lightopia Festival’ during the darkest days of the pandemic.

– The second company in the ranking is Fuel Ireland. Their efforts to innovate and produce spectacular virtual events for top brands such as Accenture in 2020 did not go unnoticed and we are happy they got the recognition their work deserves.

– The third spot takes global brand experience agency Amplify for their bold campaigns with brands such as PlayStation and Dr. Martens.

“Being among the top 80 event organizers and agencies in the UK & Ireland is a tremendous accomplishment as it’s based on the number of accolades received not only from Eventex Awards but 19 other popular event industry awards from around the world. Every company on the list is a winner that has continuously delivered extraordinary event experiences and we wish to extend our deepest admiration for their excellent work,” comments Ovanes Ovanesian, Co-founder of Eventex.

Photo Credit: Eventex

Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the industry, today Eventex Awards is the most esteemed accolade in the world of events and experiential marketing. Every year the competition highlights the best agencies, events, tech and suppliers from the world of events. The Eventex Index picks out the top 80 companies that continuously made their names heard and accomplished tremendous success with their events and brand experiences over the previous two years.

The Eventex Index with the full list of the top 80 event organizers and agencies in the UK & Ireland can be viewed here.