Photo Credit: Kenes Group

Kenes Group made a comparative study contrasting the results of two separate surveys, one carried out in July 2020 and the latest in July 2021. The 2020 version included 809 past delegates from 112 countries on 6 continents and, the 2021 version had 1,015 past participants, that have attended at least one virtual event, from 104 countries on 6 continents.

Considering the effect that COVID-19 had on scientific meetings, Kenes Group reached out to past participants in 2020, to better understand how healthcare practitioners, feel about virtual events. The produced survey analysis gave truly global feedback on the pressing question of effective virtual conferences. In 2021, Kenes Group reached out again to HCPs to see if one year of virtual events has changed their opinions towards the format.

Photo Credit: Kenes Group

What is in the white paper:

– Decision making – what are the primary drivers beyond the participation at a virtual event.
– proposition – what are the right registration packages that suit HCPs best.
– Technical elements – what technical features can help HCPs learn better in a virtual setting.
– Session length – how session length preferences have changed since last year.
– Ideal virtual event – key points that will make a virtual conference a success, according to HCPs.