Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

The most-read stories from Kongres Magazine's Editor in Chief

Kongres Magazine’s featured category From the editor saw a diverse selection of topics addressed in a turbulent 2021. Gorazd Čad tackled the digitalisation of the meetings industry, the hybrid future of events and offered viewers insight into sustainable practices.

Below are the most-read editorial stories of 2021.


HOW WE DID IT: How To Write Engaging Scripts For Digital Events?

Unfortunately, there are no schools for scriptwriting, and most of the best screenwriters learned the craft themselves. Ready to dive in?


DIGITAL EVENTS FATIGUE: Is Organising Digital Events “Easy Peasy”?

A phenomenon has occurred that psychiatrists refer to as ZOOM Fatigue. An in-depth editorial article dealt with the polarising topic.


How We Organised Our Last Digital Event

Regardless of our outlook on the meetings industry, we can no longer disregard the so-called digital event sector (some refer to it as virtual).

65 F*!#UPS AT EVENTS: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

As you know, Mr Murphy is waiting behind every corner when organising events. We have selected the most typical situations that can happen to you.


Entrusting Professional Studios With Digital Events

This article delved into why countless meeting planners insist on using a professional studio.


HOW WE DID IT: How To Choose A Venue For Hybrid Events

As a rule of thumb, meeting planners should look for venues that understand the needs and requirements of specific types of events and have practical experience.


The Future of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Communities are not interested in the number of square metres you offer, but in what content and experience you can offer them.


When Messi Leaves

Following the general assembly of the Slovenian Convention Bureau, the news struck that Miha Kovačič was leaving the winning team.


How to choose the right HYBRID EVENT model?

Over the past couple of months, not a day went by without clients asking what type of hybrid event they should organise.


What can meeting planners learn from WRC (World Rally Championship)?

In nearly 50 years of the rally’s existence, we have seen numerous practical solutions trickle down into our world of classical event planning.