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The past two years have heralded the arrival of numerous technological novelties. We are witnessing an influx of solutions that have, during the corona crisis, enabled the organisation of international conferences and other events.

If you believe you know all about organising online, hybrid and live events by now, you are probably mistaken. The developers of technological solutions and platforms for events are only getting started. Slovakia undoubtedly stands out according to the number of successful start-up companies. Among them is the innovative Technology. The CEO of the company launched last year is Štefan Kozak, renowned in the meetings industry as the director of Creative Pro Agency. He has intertwined his entrepreneurial experience, creativity, know-how and experience marketing with knowledge of his colleagues from the world of artificial intelligence.

“Laia is a solution that helps with technology so that the organiser can focus on other, more important things, such as the content of the event itself. Laia takes responsibility for the engagement of guests, their registration, platform, linking to campaigns for the event, networking of participants or communication with Laia bot before, during and after the event,” describes Štefan Kozák, CEO of Technology for Forbes.

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Laia is a chatbot centric event platform powered by AI, helping you create the most engaging virtual, hybrid or live event.

As we transition from live to hybrid and virtual events, networking has shown to be a weak point. Event organisers wish to ensure attendees the ultimate user experience. A few years ago, we pondered how AI could help us. Today, however, the solutions are already available. Technology has developed a platform, dubbed Laia (Live Artificial Intelligence Assistant), a chatbot centric event platform powered by AI, helping you create the most engaging virtual, hybrid or live event. Laia is your personal assistant, available 24/7, speaking different languages. The greatest advantage of the solution is that it can recommend you new connections based on a set of personalised criteria entered in the registration process and thus make online networking much more effective.

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Laia has already been implemented at several international events: the FTRNW Awards, the ITMA Conference 2021, the Crowdberry Forum 2021 project and the internal Product Launch Meet Laia.

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