Photo Credit: Lviv Convention Bureau

2021 was a year when the Lviv Convention Bureau team adapted to new realities and reacted quickly to opportunities. They won the right to hold two international conference events, implemented a Support Package Program for the total amount of 820,000 UAH, formed a database of national associations, started work on inviting national events, collected statistics of Lviv conference events, and continued cooperation with the local community, Lviv Honorary Ambassadors.

The focus of the organisation was on cooperation with Lviv Honorary Ambassadors and initiative representatives of city institutions and organizations. Five scholars and one cultural figure joined the club at the 7th Gala of Ambassadors.

During the year, the bureau team organized three meetings of the Ambassadors’ Club, where they discussed current projects, planned activities and introduced new conference locations. As part of the Support Package, the CB managed to co-finance conferences organized by the Ambassadors for a total of 283,000 UAH.

Photo Credit: UDB

In the second part of the year, the bureau team implemented the Support Package Program. Lviv City Council supported the bureau’s initiative and allocated 1 million UAH to finance national and international conferences. That is a unique case as Lviv became the first city in Ukraine to provide financial support to conferences during the pandemic.

The LCB also focused on conference events of national associations and the formation of a database of all-Ukrainian associations. Thus, LCB started forming an up-to-date database. So far, they have managed to compile a sheet of 629 national associations, which lists the activities, contact details and key conference events organised by the associations.

Photo Credit: Lviv Convention Bureau

Concerning the Lviv conference market, the bureau team continued to work with the MICE-analytics portal. They managed to establish cooperation with conference locations in Lviv: hotels, universities, business centres and other halls where conferences are held to get relevant data.

Traditionally, most conferences took place in May and September. The largest number of conference events was up to 50 people. However, there is a demand for locations of more than 500 people. And in 2022, new venues with conference infrastructure will open their doors, including:

– Jam Factory Art Center – a centre of contemporary art
– Lem Station – a social hub of creativity and innovation on the territory of the former tram depot
– LvivTech.City – an innovation park on the territory of the former industrial zone
– Leoland – a sports and entertainment complex for holding mass events

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