Photo Credit: Sandi Fišer

The growing trend of bicycle traffic

In addition to numerous infrastructural innovations and improvements for cyclists introduced during the largest international cycling conference Velo-city 2022, the city also published the fifth cycling yearbook.

The yearbook for the years 2020 and 2021 summarises the most significant achievements, projects, measures, statistical data, activities and findings about cycling in the City of Ljubljana during this time period. The collected data transparently show that the growing trend of bicycle traffic is stable.

Photo Credit: N. Rovan

With Plečnik’s bus around Ljubljana

As part of the 150th anniversary of world-famous architect Jože Plečnik’s birth, Plečnik’s city bus is running in Ljubljana. It will run for 150 days on regular line No. 2 and encourage its passengers to discover Plečnik’s landmarks near the stops of this bus line.

Line No. 2, or the Plečnik line, runs by the highest number of Plečnik’s attractions (twenty-eight), which are no more than two hundred meters away from its stations. Among them, passengers can marvel at Levstik Square, the Križanke Summer Theatre, the Trnovo Embankment, the Plečnik’s House, the Illyrian Column, the Šubič Gymnasium, the Triple Bridge, the Žale Cemetery and many others.

Photo Credit: Gregor Murn, Ljubljana Tourism

Plečnik’s Ljubljana on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Last year, Plečnik’s Ljubljana was included in the UNESCO’s List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage with selected works of the architect. Ljubljana is highlighted as a high-quality public space, which the architect upgraded and connected into a series of squares, parks, streets, promenades, bridges and public buildings. Seven parts of Plečnik’s Ljubljana are included in the list, five of which were renovated during the current leadership of the City of Ljubljana. Plečnik’s Ljubljana has become important for all humankind with its entry on the UNESCO list and has so-called exceptional universal value.

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