Photo Credit: IBA 2022

Over 250 attendees convened at IBA 2022, the International Battery Association Hybrid Conference. The event took place in Rikli Balance Hotel Bled between 2 and 7 October. Cankarjev dom’s seasoned team of experts helped organise the hybrid event. Thus, attendees could tune in and listen to an impactful program globally.  

An electric future

Professor Robert Dominko, Chair of the IBA Conference 2022, is an acclaimed leading researcher on battery research. He is the head of the battery group at the National Institute of Chemistry and a Professor at the University of Ljubljana. In addition, he is a member of the European initiative Battery 2030+. He has received numerous accolades in his career, including the Zois Award for Outstanding Achievement. Colleagues from Cankarjev dom talked to Professor Dominko about the future of the IBA conference.


Q: Can you briefly explain the concept of the IBA conference and its objectives?

The conference focuses on new initiatives and the research of battery materials and concepts within the academic community and industry. This year, IBA highlighted the younger generation of researchers, who are taking on the role to continue developing battery technology. Their work will help us achieve a green transformation.

Q: How quickly are modern accumulators developing?

Not as fast as many would like, given that technological development is undeniably challenging. We are currently witnessing the inception of production based on technology developed a decade ago. In the future, we can thus expect new, improved battery accumulators with a significantly smaller carbon footprint that will be, most importantly, more energy efficient. We will also start using more environmentally-sustainable materials that will be 100% recyclable. Future accumulators will offer smart functions, including a sensor that will report degradation and incite self-treatment. The accumulator will thus have a longer lifespan and improved safety.

Photo Credit: IBA 2022

Q: What will propel us in the future?

The future is undoubtedly electric. Whether it will be based on devices powered by batteries or electricity acquired in fuel cells depends on how they will be implemented and the speed at which technology develops.

Q: How important is it that Slovenia hosts the IBA conference?

Slovenia is currently a grey spot on the European map of battery research. In Europe, some countries invest substantial time and finances into developing and establishing economical activities in the field. I believe the conference gave further support, thus boosting the development, research and industrialisation of battery activity in Slovenia. It is hard to calculate the direct impact of the event, as it depends on the synergy between attendees and the local environment. The conference has had a positive effect on tourism, considering numerous attendees were amazed by the landscape. We can expect them to return to Slovenia in the future.

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