Photo Credit: Visit Maribor

In November, Maribor saw 31,500 overnight stays, a 16% increase from last year and 14% more than in November 2019. The average length of stay was 3.3 days. Since the beginning of the year, tourists in Maribor have created 405,000 overnight stays and 184,000 tourist arrivals, which is 78% more than in 2021 and 5 per cent less than in 2019.

The greatest number of overnight stays this year were made by tourists from Slovenia and Germany (altogether around a third of all overnight stays), followed by Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Italy. The average length of stay from January to November was 2.2 days.

Jure Struc

Director of the Maribor Tourist Board

Jure Struc, director of the Maribor Tourist Board, commented: “The current tourism results fill us with satisfaction and positive expectations even at the end of this year. The city has been at the centre of the eventful and magical Maribor activities since the beginning of December and witnessed the long-awaited start of the ski season. The connection of local providers, event organisers and partner organisations remains the concept of creating an offer for our guests. The latter also contributes to our optimistic forecasts for Maribor’s tourism in the coming seasons.”

Photo Credit: Visit Maribor/Nina Kurnik

Occupancy of capacities during holidays

Based on data acquired by some providers in the city and the surrounding area, the Maribor Tourist Board estimates that the average occupancy of accommodation facilities during the Christmas and New Year holidays will be around 65 per cent. In 2021, the percentage was around 40%, and in 2019, 50 per cent). The city mainly expects guests from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Germany.


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