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The Italian Evaluation Society brought home a successful result for the organisation of the Biennial Conference of the European Evaluation Society EES at IEG’s Palacongressi di Rimini di IEG from 16-18 September 2024.

For over 30 years, the EES has been promoting the theory, practice, and utilisation of high-quality evaluation. More than 700 international evaluators and evaluation commissioners will be present at the Rimini event.

Evaluation is becoming an essential part of decision-making processes in Europe. Demand for evaluation services is rising, with governments, private companies, and voluntary organisations resorting to evaluation to assess the merit, worth and value of their policies, programmes and processes.

Gabriele Tomei

President of AIVItalian Evaluation Society

“Academics, professionals, and public research institutions,” explains Gabriele Tomei, President of AIVItalian Evaluation Society “will reveal the extent to which the evaluation of policies and programmes has become widespread in all European countries, but also how much more must be done in terms of promoting policies certifiably based on evidence. We will discuss the methodologies and learning relative to the evaluation of European structural funds, and AIV will use this stage to continue to draw the government’s attention to the absolute need to implement a process and outcome evaluation of the NRRP, which is currently only being monitored. Rimini is the ideal destination for these events, from the stunning location to the wide range of accommodation options nearby, not to mention its incredible artistic and historical heritage.”

Photo Credit: IEG Group

The organisation of EES 2024 follows the announcement in Ireland at the end of 2022 regarding the IADMS conference, the association that connects the world of dance with medicine, set to take place at the Palacongressi di Rimini from 17 to 20 October 2024.

Over the last 12 months, seven international events have been clinched for the period 2024-2027. Eight fixtures with similar profiles will be held in Rimini from now until the end of 2024. The month of March will be particularly intense at the Palacongressi di Rimini: from 9-11, the 23rd congress of the Italian Periodontology and Implantology, from 15-18 the National Trade Unions Congress, from 24-27 the Italian Society of Clinical Microbiology congress as well as many other private corporate events.

Source: Italian Exhibition Group

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