Photo Credit: VW Slovakia

Solidifying its position as one of the leading automotive hubs in Europe, Bratislava will soon start production of the new, fully electrified Porsche Cayenne SUV, which will be produced at the Volkswagen Slovakia plant in Bratislava.

Producing vehicles of the highest quality

“The Bratislava plant has done a great job in previous years and has been awarded many times. The future Cayenne will be the first purely electric SUV to be produced there. I’m sure that the team there is meticulously preparing for it and will herald a new era,” said Albrecht Reimold, member of the Board of Directors for production and logistics of the Porsche brand, who previously worked at VW Slovakia as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

As Oliver Grünberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of the Board of Directors for the technical segment at Volkswagen Slovakia, added: “Porsche’s trust in our plant is proof of the professional competence and many years of experience of our team, which produces vehicles of the highest quality for customers all over the world.”

Photo Credit: Miro Nôta

The company has also confirmed its status as a stable and reliable employer. Currently, the car company in Bratislava produces six SUV models of four corporate brands.

Two decades of producing the Porsche Cayenne in Bratislava

The sports utility vehicle Porsche Cayenne began to be produced at the Bratislava plant in 2002. At that time, the assembled bodywork was produced in Bratislava and then sent to Leipzig, Germany.

Photo Credit: SITA/Branislav Bibel

Alongside the third generation of Porsche Cayenne in 2017, Volkswagen Slovakia received an investment of 800 million euros for constructing a new body shop and assembly hall for Porsche brand products. Since then, the Porsche Cayenne has been produced in Slovakia as a complete vehicle. In 2019, the Porsche Cayenne Coupé joined the production line as a second model.

Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic.


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