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Serbia’s most mysterious mountain, Rtanj, has always attracted attention. Numerous stories circulate about its shape resembling a tri-sided pyramid. Some even claim extra-terrestrial beings visited here. What is undeniably true, though, is the mountain’s healing climate and the exceptional taste of the local tea. Rtanj Mountain is also rich in natural resources. Samuel Minh, a Jewish tradesman from Paračin, was the first to begin extracting coal here in 1902. In its zenith, the local mine was a thriving village, only to be forlorn later. Today, several mining buildings serve as remnants of the illustrious mine.

The mountain in East Serbia, protected as a natural monument, amazed Belgrade-based entrepreneur Jadranka Stepanović. The area’s immense beauty convinced her to invest in the region and retell the story and heritage of the former mining town. She invested in a hotel here and renovated Vila Greta, where a museum collection shines a light on the Minh family. Her goal to revive the entire tourist destination is a commendable mission slowly bearing fruit. One of the region’s protected plants, ramonda natahaliae, is a plant that comes to life when in contact with water. It can only be found in the Rtanj region. It is considered a phoenix among plants. The hotel thus bears a fitting name, representing the phoenix that will revive tourism in this distinctly unique Serbian region.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa


It is no mystery that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The Rtanj Mountain is perhaps fittingly a two-hour drive from Belgrade. Most of the path takes visitors through a motorway before they must wind through fifty kilometres of picturesque roads to reach the hotel. The road slowly rises towards the Rtanj mountainous plateau at 700 metres.

Guests can also visit the Rtanj Mountain by taking the local road from Sokobanja. There is no alternative option to driving by car. Luckily for guests, the hotel organises shuttle transport to the nearby airport in Niš. With improving connections each year, the airport is only an hour away. Numerous parking places await guests upon arrival with adjoining electric car charging stations. The hotel also offers bike rental, even e-bikes. We must praise the well-marked hiking trails surrounding the hotel. We would advise the hotel to improve how the access to the hotel is marked. Because the signs are discreet, we almost overlooked the side road leading to the hotel.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa

COLD STARTER - Architecture and aesthetics

The hotel was constructed in two phases. Its first part opened in 2019 and included 21 rooms, a spa centre and an innovative natural eco pool. The second phase ended this year when they inaugurated the hotel’s new part adjoining the old one. After renovation, the hotel offers 58 rooms, a new conference hall, a cinema and two wellness centres. Architecture-wise, the hotel belongs to mountain hotels. Its design includes the typical intertwining of wood, stone and glass that brings beautiful views of the nearby nature. The result is an elegant hotel seamlessly blending with nature, boasting a stunningly functional architectural design.

Inside the hotel, the story of the mountain hotel invites guests to take some time off to relax and read in the hotel’s rich library or opulent lounge areas. A spacious lobby turns heads in the newly-built hotel part. Its discreet industrial design turns heads. The lobby continues onto the new restaurant with a low ceiling. Modern furniture, a community table and lounge corners encapsulate the hotel story. It is no wonder guests are fond of staying there. We must mention that the hotel is also an art gallery. Artworks hang from the walls throughout the hotel corridors, but we advise the architects to stick to the principle of less is more. We do not doubt the hotel will manage some flaws in construction in the near future.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa

WARM ENTRÉE - The staff and the culinary experience

Even the best have flops here and there. We waited absolutely too long for check-in. Nonetheless, the friendly receptionist managed to correct the poor first impression. The service was that much better in the à la carte restaurant, featuring a menu befitting any modern hotel. We believe their less-is-more menu paired with select wines is a winning combination. All dishes were prepared in a modern, fusion way, making the cuisine stand out. The world-class breakfast was even more impressive. It included a rich and diverse array of dishes made from almost 100% local ingredients. A charming female chef mastered the front cooking. We were astounded by the fact they prepare 14 dishes according to local recipes (local pancakes, kačamak, mamaljiga, pies, etc.). The cheese selection comes from local farms only and is distinctly different from the industrial cheese some hotels offer for breakfast. All dishes were presented beautifully. The staff is there when you need them most. Indeed, they know how to serve breakfast at Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa, perhaps even better than some five-star hotels.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa

MAIN COURSE – The meetings offering at the hotel

Hotel rooms

A pleasant wooden frame that embraces the hotel bed reminded us of mountain cottages. Wood also graces the floor and the elegant furniture, as expected of a mountain hotel. The furniture appears completely natural, made from solid wood. An eye-catching grey lounger with a petite table complements the furniture. The lounger can be extended and become an additional bed. One of the room’s greatest advantages is the balcony, offering views of the spa centre and the natural outdoor pool. Although the bed is slightly low, it is very comfortable. The illumination is pleasant, and after a few tries, you get used to the controls. We were most frustrated by the bathroom and the shower, where the water temperature was difficult to manage. However, the electronic toilet management is praiseworthy, and we hope it works flawlessly for future guests, too. We thought the TV within the dividing wall was ingenious. Another hairsplitting remark we noted was the relatively tiny work surface.

Meetings centre

With the latest renovation, the hotel also gained a smaller conference hall for up to 100 attendees. Several smaller meeting rooms complete the offer, including one above the restaurant in the old part of the hotel. During our visit, the construction team were busy finalising the cinema hall, which will host smaller receptions and events with its spacious foyer. Otherwise, the hotel is perfect for organisers of teambuilding programmes. We have a feeling the hotel will host many. Both Rtanj Mountain and the hotel offer an array of activities: from classic team-building programmes and adrenaline experiences (cave exploration) to gastronomical journeys.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa
Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa

DESSERT – The extras

Two wellness centres are above standard. Only a handful of hotels of this size offer them. Both are fantastic, boasting an array of pools, jacuzzis, saunas and treatments. The new part of the hotel is also home to a small Olympic pool perfect for guests keen on swimming.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa


The room service could be improved, given the fantastic hotel restaurant. At breakfast, they could offer espresso instead of instant coffee.


The natural pool, cleaned by plants instead of chemicals, is the first eco pool in Serbia. The filtration uses no chemicals, only sand filters and the help of plants growing on the edge. All who are not fond of chlorine will find this an excellent alternative. Unfortunately, the pool is open only during the summer.


The energy-efficient building is one of the hotel’s trump cards. We noticed the solar panels, too, alongside the hotel’s initiatives to advocate and sell local products. Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa is a sustainable, socially responsible hotel. Still, they should eliminate the printed paper guide from the hotel rooms. QR codes and similar digital solutions are much more friendly to the environment and the guests.

Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa


Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa has redefined the meaning of a Serbian mountain luxury hotel. Its sustainable facilities, elegance and luxury offer, including two spa centres, make it stand out from the rest of the competition. Everything is on a top-tier level. In this light, the hotel is head and shoulders above similar mountain hotels. Although it does not have ski slopes surrounding it like many others, its nature and additional offers make it a year-round hotel.

Nonetheless, the hotel still has some work ahead to reach perfection. The management will have to improve personnel as the service neither met our expectations nor justified the price – relatively high for Serbian hotels. There may be too many staff, who should attend further hospitality educational programmes promptly. For demanding guests, the service may be too slow, and they might miss a smile here and there. These are the mistakes the hotel needs to address to enter the elite club of hotels.

Without a doubt, though, the hotel is among the best Serbian mountain hotels, ideal for organisers of corporate events and team-building programmes. They will need to curate their offer and present it on the market. But, in such a gorgeous natural environment, the possibilities are endless. Serbia is famed for mountainous destinations such as Zlatibor and Kopaonik, but hidden gems such as the authentic Rtanj Mountain make it even more attractive.

FINAL GRADE: 4.75 SILVER Resort Meeting Hotel 

GOLD final score from 4.81 to 5.00
SILVER final score from 4.61 to 4.80
BRONZE final score from 4.41 to 4.60

OPEN FROM The first part in 2019, and the second one in 2023
MEETINGS STAR Resort Meeting Hotel
STANDARD Hotel with conference facilities
NUMBER OF ROOMS 58 rooms and apartments
INTERNET PRICE178 – 289 EUR (single use) / Booking, September 2023
Rudnička 38
Boljevac, Serbia

T: +36 1 486 5000
E: recepcija@ramondahotel.com
W: www.ramondahotel.com

  • Spa centre
  • Fitness center
  • Bike rental
  • Quad bike rental
  • Vila Greta (annexe near the hotel)
  • Conference hall
  • Cinema hall (under construction)
  • Library
  • Playing saloon
SPECIALS A pool party seems perfect for this hotel in the summer months. Although we did not check if the management permits such private functions, the infrastructure could definitely support such events. Event organisers can opt between two venues for pool parties here.
Photo Credit: Ramonda Mountain Hotel & Spa
1. LOCATION 4.54
4. LOBBY4.96
6.  RECEPTION 4.61
7.  HOTEL ROOM 4.92
8.  HOTEL BED 4.89
TOTAL:   4.75

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