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On 19 October 2023, Cankarjev dom will again host the Career Fair MojeDelo.com, where young job-seekers meet representatives of numerous established companies across Slovenia. The event aims for visitors to expand their business network and unlock their career potential. We talked to Nika Rakonjac, Head of Marketing at Styria digital marketplaces, about organising the trade fair.

Q1: The Career Fair MojeDelo.com has been taking place in Ljubljana’s Cankarjev dom for several years. How did you decide on Cankarjev dom as the host venue?

A while ago, we decided to move our Career Fair MojeDelo.com from Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre to Cankarjev dom because the venue meets all the criteria for hosting the most demanding events with its location, spaciousness, equipment and professional staff. As our fair has been steadily expanding, hosting almost 100 exhibitors each year, who greet attendees on three floors, Cankarjev dom has proven to be a perfect choice. The venue enables us to host over 30 lectures, workshops and career consultancy sessions. Visitors appreciate the venue just as much, primarily because of its excellent connections to city transport and possibilities to park.

Q2: Trade fairs have a set of rules that event organisers must consider when planning one. What do you believe is essential for a trade fair to be successful?

The core ingredients for a successful trade fair are great content and promotion, excellent preparation, organisation and a fine-tuned team. In terms of the organisation itself, good preparation is crucial. By preparing in advance, we can predict all possible scenarios. In cooperation with Cankarjev dom and the organisational team of the trade fair, we drastically reduce the possibilities of potential flops each year. Still, as the event takes place in person, anything can happen. Up to now, we have hosted all career fairs successfully, hosting more than 10,000 visitors each year.

For us, offering access to information to visitors as soon as they step inside the Career Fair is most important. By providing labelling to direct them, we help them find their way around the fair and make their search for what they are most interested in straightforward. We enable them to establish direct contact with the exhibitors (employers) and provide a peaceful space for one-to-one meetings. The linear layout of the Career Fair MojeDelo.com in Cankarjev dom is tremendously practical. Topping off the meetings is the accompanying event programme, including lectures, workshops and additional activities. All these opportunities enable each visitor to learn something new and find inspiration or a useful service (photos for CV). By incorporating accompanying activities, we diversify the event programme and keep our visitors at the trade fair longer. In addition, we expand the reach of visitors who will find the trade fair appealing.

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“What is essential for us is to curate the content for relevant target groups, providing them with the needed information at the right time in the right way.”

Q3: Do you believe partnering with a media, the MojeDelo.com website, is important for your event?

Career fair MojeDelo.com is organised by MojeDelo.com platform. Generally, I can say that working with an established and trustworthy brand brings value to any event.

Q4: Since the first edition of your trade fair, tumultuous changes have changed event marketing forever. What has changed over the years, and how do you tackle the challenges?

Marketing activities are a living organism. Although they change with time, some communication tools remain unchanged. The most important thing is to listen to our clients’ wishes and adapt to market demands. Most importantly, we must offer a product that will convince the employers and the job-seekers.

On one hand, our task is to convince companies to partake in our Career Fair – to introduce their services, meet potential employees in person and get familiar with the market situation. The project received tremendous media attention, making it a must-attend for companies.

On the other hand, our job is to spread awareness about the trade show activities, inviting people to visit through all available marketing platforms. What is essential for us is to curate the content for relevant target groups, providing them with the needed information at the right time in the right way. Amid a flood of communication impulses we face today, we must stand out from the crowd and show why our event deserves their time.

Photo Credit: Career Fair MojeDelo.com

“Our goal remains the same: help employers find new employees and offer job-seekers the chance to meet all employers they wish to meet in one place.”

Q5: You learn something every year when creating a trade fair or event from scratch. You also learn from mistakes. Which mistakes have you sworn not to repeat?

We will never again start the accompanying programme (the lectures and workshops) at 10:00 when the trade fair doors swing open for visitors. That is when most people arrive, and visitors are late for lectures because of the crowdedness.

Q6: What are your goals in 2023 and in the future?

We undoubtedly aim for the Career Fair MojeDelo.com to remain Slovenia’s largest and most recognised career fair, where the most renowned Slovenian employers and job seekers converge. The latter includes everyone – from students to those seeking a new job or career opportunity. Our goal remains the same: help employers find new employees and offer job-seekers the chance to meet all employers they wish to meet in one place. Ultimately, we want to help them on their path to a successful career.

Q7: Would you recommend Cankarjev dom to other event organisers, and why?

Our team at MojeDelo.com has excellent experience with organising trade fairs in Cankarjev dom, as their team offers professional support throughout. They were our closest coworkers throughout the event, and we warmly recommend the venue to other event organisers.

Learn more about Career Fair MojeDelo.com here.

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