Photo Credit: The Julius Prague

Culinary Revelation in Prague

The Julius Prague, infusing a breath of fresh air into the city’s hospitality scene, is excited to introduce the newest addition to its culinary offerings. Welcoming the world as Brasserie The Julius, our restaurant has undergone an evolution that truly captures the spirit of The Julius Prague.

Brasserie The Julius proudly presents a meticulously curated menu, thoughtfully crafted by our accomplished culinary team. This menu showcases a symphony of flavours inspired by global cuisines, all while paying homage to the rich heritage of Czech culinary traditions.

Guests can enjoy a lavish buffet breakfast that kickstarts the day, a business lunch menu available on weekdays for those seeking a satisfying midday interlude, and an à la carte selection that exemplifies culinary finesse. Among our signature dishes, the Pulled Duck Meat with Potato Pancake, Teriyaki, Red Cabbage, Coriander, Chili, and Roasted Sesame Seeds stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of Czech and Asian influences.

Photo Credit: The Julius Prague

Zdeněk Kovařík, Head of Hospitality, expresses, “Brasserie The Julius marks an exciting chapter in our culinary journey. This evolution underscores our unwavering commitment to providing a dining experience that truly encapsulates The Julius Prague’s distinctive essence.”

Beyond the culinary adventure, Brasserie The Julius extends a warm invitation to both local patrons and worldly travellers, inviting them to revel in a world-class dining experience that honours Prague’s essence while embracing innovation. This transformation is a true reflection of The Julius Prague’s dedication to crafting unforgettable moments and cherished memories for its esteemed guests.

Julius Prague has quickly become a beacon of excellence in the city’s hospitality landscape since its inception just a year ago. This evolution to Brasserie The Julius marks yet another milestone in their journey, dedicated to delivering unparalleled experiences to those in pursuit of the quintessential Prague essence.

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