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Maistra introduced the new ship REVERA, expanding its fleet with an innovative eco-catamaran designed to transport guests to the islands of Sv Katarina and Sv Andrija. This significant step sets new standards in sustainable maritime transport and demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development while providing top-notch service to its guests.

The REVERA ship addresses today’s ecological challenges, with a special focus on preserving the marine ecosystem. To this end, Maistra signed a co-financing agreement with the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to support maritime traffic using alternative fuels by providing subsidy funds. “We are aware that our competitive advantage in tourism is largely based on natural benefits and resources. Therefore, systematic environmental protection and more responsible use of natural resources are key strategic determinants of our business. This acquisition aligns perfectly with our goals,” stated Maistra representatives.

REVERA is a unique vessel that combines environmentally friendly materials and advanced technologies for sustainable travel. It is partially made from natural, eco-friendly materials such as flax and cork, recycled PET, and bio-epoxy resin. It is powered by electric energy derived from its own photovoltaic power plant, making it completely environmentally friendly. The ship is impressively sized, nearly 19 meters long and 7.6 meters wide, and can accommodate up to 100 passengers along with several crew members. The interior includes two sanitary facilities, a spacious passenger area, and a modern wheelhouse.

It was built by Marservis d.o.o. from Kaštelir, demonstrating innovation and a commitment to sustainability in shipbuilding.

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