The hotel is located in the centre of Kranjska Gora, or rather is the centre of the town. It all revolves around the famous Kranjska Gora winter and summer “beach”. The hotel with a rich history of the gaming group Hit has recently handed over its management to the Swiss company Sophos Hotels. Kranjska Gora throughout the year provides an interesting experience and with the accompanying products such as Eskimo village it is becoming more widely known as an active convention destination. 

The position right on the ski slopes is one of the advantages of the hotel. The airport JoÊe PuÊnik is 66 kilo- metres away. Even by road Kranjska Gora is easily ac- cessible. Parking outside the hotel is spacious enough for smaller events. Even in the high ski season one can find a parking space at a giant parking adjacent to the hotel.

COLD APPETIZER Architecture and Aesthetics
The architectural image of the hotel remains classic alpine even after the renovation and is an integral part of the postcard views of Kranjska Gora. Hotel has pi- oneered a wave of building hotels in Kranjska Gora in the seventies. Due to the more classical architectural design of the hotel it in no way stands out while it does not at the same time appear disturbing. Increasingly regulated “beach” is one of the attractive enrichments of the offer both in the winter and in the summer.

WARM APPETIZER – Staff and Food
Hotel Larix offers classic hotel cuisine. This is even more pronounced in a very classic hotel breakfast. If you do not complicate too much, you will generally be satisfied. On the way to the new times and the new management some details in a relatively wide assort- ment of dishes are stopping them. With the service they are trying to capture the best combination of quality, friendliness and personal approach. From past top times there are several ‘candies’ left at the level of service, which are more the exception than the rule. In this area there is the most room for improvement.

MAIN COURSE – Congress Hotel offer
Business philosophy is simple, to offer a comfortable and functional enough quality hotel at a good price. As a general rule, a hotel a few years after the renova- tion is slowly starting to show signs of aging. The hotel Larix managed to stop this process pretty well. Hotel rooms are correct, but not superior, more or less, it is an expected and average package. It is positive that you have some choice of other hotels of the same group Kompas, Prisank and Alpina, available. Smaller convention centre with views of Kranjska Gora ski slopes or on pastures has everything you need for a successful conference. The interior is flexible enough for groups of up to 250 delegates, as much as Planica Hall can accommodate. Commendable is daylight, which is available in all rooms.

DESSERT – additional offer
The ideal position of the hotel, right next to the ski slopes in winter and in summer overlooking green pastures in the midst of beautiful surroundings, enables a number of incentive experiences in their own backyard.

A little more varied gastronomic offer, selection of wines and cuisine in general.

Great possibility of combining halls and assembling hotel accommodation and culinary expe- riences in a variety of hotels of the group in Kranjska Gora with a capacity of up to 1.200 participants.

According to the latest hotel standards, the hotel’s concept stayed somewhere halfway. In terms of conference delegates it, together with subsidiary Hotel Kompas, is intended a role of flag bearers of Kranjska Gora. It impresses with spaciousness and flexibility, less with the service. We believe that with the new hotel management the hotel is going to gain new guest and improve the offer, which will have a positive impact on the development of Kranjska Gora.




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