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Meetings industry can be compared to the world of birds. Like birds, meetings industry professionals know no borders, migrating to several nesting destinations, and some of them coming back. Just like Conventa. The GR -Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre has remained Conventa’s loyal nesting destination since the beginning in 2009. However, Conventa is not the only bird returning here.

Kenes International, which in 2010 brought to the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre the world congress on autoimmunity with 1200 participants as the congress of the year in Slovenia, is coming back in September 2015 due to its excellent experience. Will the congress from the field of medicine, ESRA – European Society of Regional Anaesthesia Congress, with its 1400 participants from all over the world, again resound from the GR -Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre as the congress of the year in Slovenia? We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Speaking of the ‘world’ format, the recognised World Scout Conference should be mentioned. Over 1200 delegates from 130 countries attended the event in August 2014, which makes it not only the last year’s largest congress in terms of delegate numbers, but also the most international event ever held in the capital of Slovenia.  Among remarkable events we hosted last year were also the Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists with 700 participants and an annual conference of ABTA, the largest British tourist association, with 400 participants in September.  ‘If the GR staff could fly,’ said Tracy Phillips, Head of Event & Marketing at ABTA, ‘it would be great to pack up the GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and take it with us to each destination as we have worked so well together. Alas, as that isn’t possible, we look forward to returning to beloved Ljubljana one day!”

Birds know why they keep coming back. So do you. When you enter Conventa you enter the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. It might become the place you remember. Your next nesting place.