“Digital natives will dictate a stronger orientation to integrating new tech solutions”

Q: Do you pay attention to trends?
Definitely – it’s really important to keep track of all the major trends affecting the meetings industry and its individual sectors. Research documents and reports, issued by industry trade associations and others are valuable sources of information. Talking to clients on such topics gives an additional perspective and a better un- derstanding of their challenges. Sharing know- how with colleagues from other destinations and talking to partners in my city, who are directly involved in the business, rounds up the picture. Trends are there for us to anticipate today what we will do tomorrow to be more competitive.

Q: How do you feel about technology?
Meetings technology, including mobile event apps and audio-visuals, is the name of the game – having a major influence on the format of meetings (i.e. hybrid), their design and organ- isation, the delegate experience, interaction and engagement. The gradual shift of genera- tions and a growing presence in the workforce of Generation Y, or the “digital natives”, will dictate a stronger orientation to integrating new tech solutions. With its fast development, ICT is also a propulsive industry sector that generates a multitude of meetings and educational events worldwide.

Q: How are you competitive and innovative?
By spotting novelties that can be integrated into the destination’s meetings & events port- folio (green venues and initiatives, niche pro- grammes, CSR, themed experiences…). By coop- erating with the Slovenian Convention Bureau in creating a stronger awareness of the Slovenia Meetings brand through fresh approaches and harmonised communication. By providing a destination support scheme aimed at attract- ing larger association meetings, which is based on a cooperation model with the key partners in Ljubljana. Last, but not least, being since the start a steady partner of the Conventa Show.


TATJANA RADOVIČ, Head of Ljubljana Tourism / Convention Bureau

Tatjana Radović has candidacies to her name that she has prepared with passion and dedica- tion in her blood. In carrying out her role she has for a number of years been linking key Ljubljana meeting suppliers, which this year all came to- gether in the Ljubljana Strategic Bidding Team. This gave an additional boost to the work of con- necting with the Slovenian Convention Bureau and to a number of important projects of associ- ations obtained for the coming years.