UNICEO® – United Networks of International Corporate Event Organizers, the international association bringing together senior decision-makers in charge of corporate events appointed Rudolf Sommer as Vice President for Germany.

Rudolf Sommer has over 30 years’ experience in international business and event management having organized events for EnBW and other corporations for over 25 years.

In his role at UNICEO, he will lead the development of the association in Germany and the German speaking countries and in particular the organization of Leader Meetings, communication to new members, relations with the government and institutions as well as creating a network to establish NGOs and educational institutions focused on subjects around live communication.

“Germany is the leading country for corporate events in Europe and we see it becoming one of the main countries for our association, ” said Debora Piovesan, Vice President for UNICEO International. “The fact that Rudolf Sommer has accepted this responsibility is, for our association, a very positive step in our networking development. We’re very pleased to benefit from his wide experience and leadership and the fact that he, as one of our members, fully understand our members’ needs.”

”I firmly believe that we’re stronger together so I joined UNICEO® very happy to see that finally, there was an association made by and for corporates, to assist their daily business in terms of sharing best practice,” said Rudolf Sommer. “Germany, Switzerland and Austria are pioneers in discovering the challenges and opportunities coming up within the next decade, caused by migration, economic
and social changes and rapid changes in the market. Live communication is the most direct access to the heart of clients to create commitment, identification and trust for brand and product stories. UNICEO® is started to create the pool for influencers as well as act as a sensor of movement in all branches based on its members’ discussion platform. All decision-makers should be part of it.”   


Rudolf Sommer:
His economics and business administration studies at the Bundeswehr University in Munich and several projects in market research for the automotive and health care sector led to his decision to focus on so called 3D-brand communication. Since the deregulation of the energy market in Germany, Rudolf Sommer has been responsible for the positioning of new created EnBW corporate brands (such as Yello Strom, NaturEnergie, Watt GmbH…) on national and international communication platforms, customer events and sales promotions.

International renowned awards like the if-Design Award, dp3d, die goldene Flamme, EVA in silver or a nomination for the German Design Award confirm the success of his new approach to 3D-brand communication in a no-interest market-segment for electricity and energy services.

Affected by the so called “Energiewende”, politically and economically introduced since 2012 in the German economy and society, customer orientation by implementing customer relationship tools and “customized solutions” is the focus of energy sales companies. Representing “the face of EnBW” he is now responsible for setting up sales platforms and connecting medium sized companies and NGOs as a main supporting pillar of the German economic system; and for finding EnBW energy consulting solutions to optimize resource management and CO2-emission to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental costs caused by national or EU emission-taxes.

In addition to this core business, Sommer holds a lectureship as honorary professor at several universities and private academies (DHBW, Ravensburg, Con Energy, Essen, IST, Düsseldorf) and speaks or contributes as an expert on topics such as brand development and brand experiences for commodity markets.

His latest publications are focused on the impact of trends and worldwide social-economic conversion and movements on live-communication markets and occurring opportunities and changes for the market players.