Uroš Hribernik
Photo credits: Grand Hotel Union

Mr. Uroš Hribernik, Hotel Lev Chef de cuisine

Q: How would you describe your style of cooking, your kitchen philosophy?

My kitchen philosophy is not actually a philosophy – I like it simple and delicious.

Q: Do you have a »signature dish« or favourite dish you enjoy cooking?

Not really, since I believe that each dish is a challenge and pleasure for itself.

Q: What is your passion besides cooking? Do you have any other specific hobbies that define your lifestyle?

I have a great passion for fitness and everything related to a healthy lifestyle. However, I would not say it is my hobby, but more as a way of life.

Q: What new ingredient or ingredients are inspiring you right now?

Everything related with spring – fresh herbs, flowers and roots.

Q: Are there any ingredient that has fallen out of fashion for you?

I believe that any ingredient can become unpopular and on the other side, it can become interesting again at one point. We just have to catch the right time of the year and combine it with appropriate dish.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you are facing working at Hotel Lev? Can you share with us your menu – planning strategies to upgrade their culinary offer?

Each kitchen is facing its own challenges. Depends on what scale the chef and the team set themselves as. Better as you want to be, bigger are the challenges.

Q: What is your vision of catering at events?

Following the new trends, which in recent years have considerably changed.

Q: Is there a special chef that you most admire?

I appreciate chefs, who invest maximum effort in their work.