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Q: To get us warmed up could you tell us a little bit about your background and the aspect of your career of which you are most proud?
I visited the academy for communication engineering in Austria and after my degree I started to work in the audio/video industry. In 2018, I am proud to say that I have experience for more than 30 years in the professional audio industry!

My career started by building-up Sennheiser in Austria and ex-Yugoslavia. The greatest moment during my career was when my team and I exclusively supported the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Belgrade and 2015 in Vienna.

Existing devices, like smartphones, will become even more useful, leading to a huge benefit for the organizational side – event organizer will have the possibility to get in touch with the audience instantly.

Q: How and in which direction will the Meeting industry change in the future?
Travelling is becoming so easy, which leads to the fact that the meeting industry will benefit from it! In just a little while, technical devices are developed and launched, which allows an easy and more understandable performance of events and brand-new solutions and technologies lead to more accessibility.

Q: Which innovations in your opinion will most influence the organisation of events?
Existing devices, like smartphones, will become even more useful and functional because people will use their mobile devices like a tool and not just like a mobile phone. This leads to a huge benefit for the organizational side – event organizer will have the possibility to get in touch with the audience instantly. On the other side feedback can be given by attendees immediately.

Q: What personally inspires you?
Growing digitization and simplified use of software for everyone.

About auXala

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Q: Please explain to our readers what are the main features of auXala & Who was auXala designed for?
auXala is an event streaming service. The patented technology is able to stream audio over WiFi to mobile smartphones, completely offline. The interpreter market, as well as the hard of hearing market in Vienna/the DACH region, are promising for our software. For that reason, auXala focuses on live translations and offers great help to hearing-impaired people at events like congresses, theatrical productions, cinema, opera, conferences, …

auXala is easy to handle: attendees just have to download auXala app, connect their device to the venue’s WiFi, open the app, use their earphones and select the language/stream they want to listen to.

Q: What are the statistics behind the success of auXala ?
Live translation of audio streamed in realtime onto attendee’s smartphones at events like:

  • UBIT Vienna: more than 1500 visitors
  • 4Gamechanger Festival: more than 4000 visitors

All in all: experience of more than 1000 hours of audio streaming – Big future projects are coming!

Q: What are the biggest challenges for you on the position at auXala?
To always be on track – and keep our position as a state of the art technology!

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