In July 2000 she was named as Head of Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia. Since July 2000 to date she has taken part in planning and carrying out 260 high-level governmental visits in Slovenia and abroad, as well as 80 state commemorations and other important state projects. She participated in the governmental executive board for preparing the celebration of Slovenia’s entry into the EU. She is a member of the Coordination board for state commemorations and was a member of the Wider working group for the preparation and execution of Slovenia’s presidency of the EU. In September 2008 she published her first book Protocol, a symphony of form.

The Protocol of the republic of Slovenia is a governmental office, which carries out professional, organisational and technical jobs in organizing protocol events for high-level representatives of the Republic of Slovenia. Among others the protocol is responsible for organizing the visits of foreign high representatives in Slovenia, which are mostly official and work visits of heads of other countries, presidents of parliaments or governments as well as ministers of foreign affairs.
The Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia focuses solely on organizing and carrying out these meetings – the content is the domain of the host and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The basis and guidelines of the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia are set by the governmental Decision on setting the protocol rules and the basic elements of a protocol event submitted by the protocol office of the host. From the moment the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia is notified of a protocol event and gains basic data from the host, the organisation and the execution of the event is in its hands. A main protocol event coordinator is set, who then forms a team to carry out the event from start to finish.

The starting point for organizing and carrying out high-level events is in preparing and executing a programme including all the elements foreseen on the basis of the Decision on setting the protocol rules as well as specific elements, typical of the type of event and suggested by the offices of the host. Of course, the wishes and needs of the main guest are also taken into consideration. Considering all the elements the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia carefully and accurately plans a programme of the event in its entirety as well as its separate parts and while doing so prepares for possible complications, albeit quietly. The same principle applies for the execution of the event. Since such projects are based on team work the success of a project also depends on the creative and collegial atmosphere and synchronized team work, as well as cooperation with outside colleagues. 
The Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia therefore doesn’t deal with the contents of meetings yet is very important the Protocol is acquainted with any special circumstances of the meeting and the wider state of relations of Slovenia and the country of the guest. This is one of the ways the Protocol can contribute own ideas and suggestions to establish a deeper and more creative attitude towards the event, adds a touch of finesse and contributes to the whole programme and the feeling of devotion of Slovenia towards the guest and his country. This can largely contribute to a more pleasant and genuine atmosphere in planning and carrying out the meeting, and latter contribute to better relations between the countries.
When organizing international high-level meetings, especially in the phase of execution, the work and image of the representatives of the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia are very importance in shaping the impression of the guest and his view of Slovenia in general. Kind, yet unobtrusive actions, calm reactions, high level of preparedness, knowledge of the guests home country, proper attire – all this is part of shaping the opinion of the guests on Slovenia, which they carry back home. The Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia is very aware of these factors and pays attention to all these aspects of organizing events.
Well organized international meetings carry the message Slovenia is a modern, successful, developed and well organized country around the world. The proof was Slovenia’s very well organized presidency of the European Union in 2008. Long after the end of the presidency we received compliments from abroad, many countries addresses the Protocol with requests for help and suggestions in organizing their own presidencies. This is the way the Protocol contributed its part to increasing the reputation of Slovenia all over the world. For the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia such recognitions are very encouraging and give us further drive to continue this level of success in the future.

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