Contractor: Institute for Tourism and Culture Žirovnica

Client: Iskra Medical, d.o.o., Ljubljana

A company specialising in research and development of medical equipment and cosmetics received a visiting delegation of 40 foreign business partners at the beginning of June.

Company management wanted to treat their guests to an adventure day outdoors with a buzz, so the business partners were taken to the cradle of Slovenian beekeeping and culture – Žirovnica. The Institute for Tourism and Culture have upgraded the ‘Trail of Cultural Heritage’ in line with current trends in tourism and added authentic beekeeping elements.

The roots of beekeeping can be traced to the heart of the villages at the foot of Mount Stol. The village Breznica is the birthplace of the first beekeeping teacher in the world, Anton Janša. The first recognised beekeeping fraternity, the predecessor of all beekeeping associations, was established in Rodine in 1781.

The visit to the villages beneath Mt. Stol began at the birthplace of Matija Čop, famous Slovene intellectual, in Žirovnica, where the guests were served delicious homemade bread and honey. They were allowed to discover the most interesting nooks and crannies of the house and through film could learn about the history of ten villages on the foothills of Karavanke, joined to the municipality of Žirovnica. The guests were served honey based drinks and presented with a travel bundle before embarking on the trail with a horse-drawn carriage.

Beginning with a visit to a local beekeeper, the presentation of the world of the indigenous Slovenian Carniola bee proved to be a special experience. The trail carried on through the village towards the reconstructed Janša beehouse, complete with painted beehive fronts.

Further along the route the trail led to a museum house, the birthplace of Fran Saleški Finžgar, the famous Slovene author. The local tour guide disclosed interesting and less known facts on the life and work of this renowned figure The exploration of cultural and beekeeping heritage finished with a special culinary experience featuring a stew – ajmoht, a dish traditionally served at weddings – and žganci, a typical Slovenian farmers food.


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